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2D ARPG Games for PC

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2D ARPG Games offers various role-playing mechanics, and the distinctive core feature is the two-dimensional environment. Most of the games have old school pixelated graphics; however, it does not restrict them from having big in-game worlds and in-depth customization systems for both visuals and gameplay aspects. Players may explore diverse environments, improve their equipment and abilities and fight against unique enemies to obtain more treasures and experience. If you're looking for an excellent action RPG suitable for low-end PCs, portable consoles, or even mobile phones, you definitely should check out the list of the best 2D ARPGs.

Torchlight 2

Second instalment in the hack-and-slash action/RPG game series Torchlight


Indie roguelike action RPG game inspired by the Ancient Greece Mythology

Heroes of Hammerwatch

An action rogue-like role-playing adventure game

Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is a legendary action/role-playing game in hack-and-slash genre.

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More about 2D ARPG Games

2D ARPG Games focus on the two-dimensional environment with low-resolution textures and 16-bit worlds. That creates an old school atmosphere enhanced further with the sophisticated soundtrack, and these aspects tend to bring back memories from the early ages of video gaming along with providing a new experience for younger players.

2D ARPG Games bring most of the standard role-playing aspects, and there are various mechanics to use during real-time combat. Two-dimensional space affects real-time combat in numerous ways limiting the movements of the players; however, you still can move away from attacks and abuse the environment to use it as a cover. Various objects may interact with skills and sorceries, allowing you to gain an extra advantage against your opponents.

In most 2D ARPG Games, you can customize your character using premade models, and you can also choose their weapons and equipment. That directly affects the attributes of the heroes and the power of specific abilities. You may customize the available skills using skill tree, and that way, players can set up a unique playstyle that fits them the best. Some of the games also feature standardized classes that have unique abilities and perks.

2D ARPG Games fit both casual and hardcore players because of their flexibility and the vast range of available in-game mechanics. The immersive storylines take the players around the virtual worlds, and numerous side activities are there for the most experienced players to test their skills. These games often require a lot of grinding to obtain the best items and maximize the power level of the characters.

Best 2D ARPG Games

  • Hero Siege is an MMORPG and action game developed by Elias Viglione for the PC platform. In this 2D ARPG, you can destroy hordes of monsters, develop your character's skill tree, collect equipment sets and explore up to 7 acts while enjoying great pixel graphics and a deep story. The world around you is created as you progress, so the field will always look new and varied. You can also join forces with friends and fight the forces of evil in network mode.
  • Heroes of Hammerwatch is an indie multiplayer 2D ARPG slasher with RPG elements. In this project, the player appears each time in the same city, which can be improved to receive abilities for the hero. Explore procedurally generated levels, destroying enemies and finding new equipment. It allows to upgrade skills and learn new skills in the world of Hammerwatch. A character with an ability is easily connected to your friends' sessions, and all progress is saved.
  • Diablo II is a hack-and-slash action/RPG computer role-playing game. Following the storyline of Diablo, the fictional world of Sanctuary is invaded by demons. You will have to control a character to defeat the horrific beasts. At the beginning of the game, the player has a choice of several playable classes, each with their own set of skills, initial characteristics and equipment. The 2D ARPG Diablo II is best known for its vast array of weapons and armour, as well as its highly variable character development.