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Sometimes nostalgia is one of the most pleasant sensations that time can give us. Especially if you sit behind a mug of tea and accurately recall moments from the past, a distant era of the origin of computer entertainment. Maybe that era was not as bright as it was. However, it presented us with a whole direction of pixel projects, then evolved into an 8-bit MMORPG.


A free-to-play indie 8Bit MMORPG with sandbox gameplay

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a pixel MMORPG with hardcore diverse gameplay.

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More about 8 Bit MMORPG's

No one knows why this culture does not lose its popularity even in our time. And yet its atmosphere is attractive in all its manifestations. Also known genre of music called “Chiptune,” characteristic sound, reminiscent of the sound installation machines of the 90s. 8-bit games became famous for their game design, creative approach to graphics along with an exciting concept in pseudo-3d.

The rest of the 8-bit MMORPG had almost all the features inherent in the new products: its plot, most often about saving the world, many social functions, such as collecting guilds, street shops or raids on bosses. Maybe the effects and animation skills look somewhat old-fashioned, but stylish for the time.

Since projects in the 8-bit MMORPG genre do not require high resource costs, many developers are inclined to the browser and mobile form. Oddly enough, the two-dimensional space is well combined with touch screens, allowing you to perform more different actions with the help of ordinary taps.

In recent years, retro-style loses its relevance in the field of multiplayer entertainment, especially the 8-bit MMORPG. However, some old school followers of the genre and young enthusiasts do not cease to amaze with their decisions. Created in 2008 by the Russian studio AIGRIND LLC, the project called Warspear Online still has a whole audience of multi-level players, releasing a lot of updates and new rating seasons for them. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game has many fascinating features that you rarely see in other products: arena battles 1x1, 3x3 and even 5x5, the system for creating and repairing equipment, leveling the character and transmitting the plot tied to quests.

Realm of the Mad God and Survived By turned out to be quite interesting. No wonder these 8-bit MMORPGs have the prefix “Bullet Hell.” This is due to the dynamism of battles because, for survival, one must continuously move, invent powerful combinations of skills and tactics for boss fights. If the character suffers death - you have to create a new one, so hardcore is these projects. In addition to this, there are simply tons of different equipment that allows you to experiment with assemblies to achieve deadly efficiency. Besides, the games are distributed through the F2P model so that anyone can test them.