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Anime MMORPG List

Fantasy city in Anime MMORPG setting

Anime MMORPG is one of the most popular and recognizable genres of games. It has a unique visual style, swift animations, colourful graphics and many other features. It’s often simplified and has many shared features with the cartoon style video games. Very often these MMORPGs are based on the original anime series or manga and developed in Japan. However, the MMORPG of any genre and setting can have this type of graphics.

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime action roleplaying game developed for the mobile platforms

Digimon Masters Online

Free-to-play MMORPG in setting of anime series Digimon


Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG in anime style

Twin Saga

Action fantasy MMORPG in anime style

Granado Espada
A multiplayer role-playing game in an unusual historical setting
Dragon Quest X

A tenth part of the fantasy JRPG series Dragon Quest

Tree of Savior

An isometric fantasy MMORPG with stunning visual style and immersive gameplay


A fantasy MMORPG in anime stylistic developd by KOG Games

Gran Saga

A cross-platform fantasy MMORPG developed by NPIXEL

Tower of Fantasy

An upcoming project in setting of sci-fi fantasy developed by Perfect World Games

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is an action side-scroller that combines attractive 2D graphics with exciting gameplay.

Genshin Impact

An open-world Action RPG game in unique fantasy setting

Dragon Ball Z Online

Dragon Ball Z Online is a browser MMORPG in the universe of famous anime series.

Burning SoulWorker

Burning SoulWorker is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG in anime style.

Unlimited Ninja

Unlimited Ninja is a browser fighting MMO in setting of Naruto series.

My Soul

My Soul is a browser action MMORPG in setting of SoulCalibur.

Phantasy Star Online 2

A PC version of one of the most famous Japanese action MMORPG

Blue Protocol

An action MMORPG in fantasy setting developed by Bandai Namco

Project BBQ

An action MMORPG in setting of Dungeon Fighter Online


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More About Anime MMORPG

The Anime MMORPG is a very specific genre that can’t be mixed up with Cartoon style or other types of graphics. Usually, the characters of these games have a specific appearance with enormous eyes, unrealistic body proportions and colourful hair. Many of the heroes often look cute or even too sweet, with no differences between different genders. Of course, this style contains different archetypes of the appearance, but the most famous and popular is ‘Kawai’ one. The graphics are usually bright and colourful, even a bit too much simplified, and the backgrounds look much more complicated, vivid and picturesque than in other games; sometimes it looks even better than projects with realistic environment. It will not be surprising that most video games of this genre are developed in the homeland of anime, in Japan.

Even though the term Anime MMORPG usually means only visible part of the game, these projects often have a range of specific features which are characteristic only for this genre. For example, these video games usually have a crazy huge number of beautiful characters (especially girls) as NPCs, mercenaries, villains, playable heroes or usual mobs, so even the most boring game can lure you for a long time. Also, anime games often provide players with deep and well-developed character customization.

Best Anime MMORPG

  • Dragon Nest has pretty anime-inspired visual style, with picturesque cartoonish backgrounds and swift animations. It’s nor pure anime nor cartoon, but something in between. This game has an excellent character editor with many appearance features to choose from.
  • Mabinogi is an outstanding game with anime style. Also, it has not only colourful graphics but also a flexible system of skills and unusual mythological fantasy setting.
  • Final Fantasy 14 has an anime-inspired visual style, one of the most beautiful game worlds, and sophisticated character editor with many changeable features. This game is famous for its impressive graphics.