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Anime TCG Games

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It is well-known that anime is a worldwide-loved trend nowadays. Game developers did not let go of this trend as well, coming up with new projects, related to this style of presentation. Anime culture has become one of the essential sources for game development, as it presents a rich reference base for many stories and graphical style decisions. Japanese TV-series and manga mostly inspire the genre, but often there are original stories and artwork. Anime TCG games haven’t been left out of this field, and there are dozens of different projects in this genre.


A card game by Ankama in the universe of Krosmoz

Kantai Collection

Japanese browser game about military vessels in form of anime girls

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Card game in the universe of Dragon Ball series

Heart of Crown PC

Anime TCG game with strategy elements

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Hardcore TCG in setting of Yu-Gi-Oh! series

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Online duel game in setting of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Shadowverse CCG

Anime-style TCG with PvE and PvP content

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More about Anime TCG Games

Online trading card games became a worldwide trend not a long time ago, but gathering and trading cards always were popular among the classic gaming community. Nowadays, online trading cards competitions became a big thing, when the socialization aspect of it was discovered, as well as many pricy rewards that were granted at the tournaments. After that, many game developers began to try their hand at making the digital analogues of such competitions. It showed that there was no need to be a world-famous person to take part in card battles.

Anime style of these projects attracts the fans of Japanese media culture, which is very popular in the gamer circles lately. It often brings cute and appealing colourful visuals with a vast amount of special effects. Lovely cartoon characters are pleasant to look at, and collecting even more of them brings a new extraordinary hint to the gameplay. Anime TCGs often possess the unique features that give the games a feeling of freshness and new excitement of experiencing the same genre but at the other angle.

Just in many other trading cards games, participants begin their path by getting to know their starting deck, which usually contains starting creatures and spells of low power and expenses. After some time, players get to fight against more powerful cards and monsters to collect them into their deck so that they can use them later. The main feature of the TCG genre is its original artwork that is done for every card. The unique characters on the cards are often viewed as a collector’s item, and many participants enjoy playing such games for the fun of collecting and exploring. Anime TCG Games are usually enhanced with a player-driven economy that allows to get rid of the unwanted cards, trade and build up the exclusive deck. Many hours of gameplay provide a new original went for those who enjoy the anime and Japanese culture.

Best Anime TCG Games

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a TCG based on famous anime series. This project features an opportunity to involve in duels with other gamers and sophisticated single-player campaign.
  • 100% Orange Juice is a multiplayer trading card game in an anime style which features dozens of cute characters and multiplayer battles for four players.
  • Phantom Rose is a roguelike TCG which features hardcore gameplay, immersive exploration of the dungeons and challenging competitions.