Terraria Beetle armor vs Turtle armor

Detailed comparison of the Beetle armor and Turtle armor sets in Terraria

Terraria Melee vs Ranged vs Magic

Guide explaining all aspects of the weapon types and their differences in Terraria

Terraria Planter Box VS Clay Pot

A significant part of the Terraria gameplay is devoted to the construction and arrangement of your home. In addition to placing various pieces of furniture necessary for the passage, for example, a workbench or a stove, the player can improve the appearance of his own home with the help of decorative elements. Some of these decorative elements are the Planter box and Clay pot.

Terraria Phantasm vs Vortex beater

Complete comparison of ranged weapons Phantasm vs Vortex beater in Terraria

Terraria Spectre Hood vs Mask

Guide on the Spectre Hood and Mask characteristics in Terraria

Terraria Adamantite vs Titanium

One of the main activities of all Terraria players is finding and mining various types of ore. Specific species can be found in different biomes and at different stages of the game. Among the wide variety of such ores are Adamantite and Titanium.

Terraria Imp staff vs Hornet staff

Guide on the differences between Imp staff vs Hornet staff in Terraria

Terraria Frost armor vs Hallowed armor

In the Hardmode stage of Terraria, the player has access to a huge amount of different excellent armor, which makes the character much stronger. To get some, you need to find a certain amount of a specific ore for mine, while others require loot from certain mobs. Some types of sets require both. Among these types of hardmode armor, there are the Frost armor and Hallowed armor sets, which you can learn more about in this article.

Terraria Jungle armor vs Meteor armor

Terraria has a huge number of different types of armor obtained in the early stages of the game. Some of them can be obtained from resources mined in certain biomes, while others can only be obtained after a certain in-game event. These include Jungle armor and Meteor armor, which you can learn about in this article.

Terraria Bows vs Guns

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Terraria Stardust Cell Staff vs Stardust Dragon Staff

A complete guide on the weapons Stardust Cell Staff and Stardust Dragon Staff in Terraria

Terraria Nebula arcanum vs Nebula blaze

After defeating the Lunatic Cultist in Hardmode, the player gains access to one of the most powerful item sets in Terraria. Elemental towers that appear in the world after this boss open access to 4 similar sets of items. Each of them can be created using the corresponding elements - Solar, Vortex, Nebula and Stardust. Today we will talk about two unique types of magic weapons made with the Nebula Fragment: the Nebula Arcanum and the Nebula Blaze.

Terraria Terra blade vs Influx waver

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Guide on the Fishing skill, craft recipes and professions in Stardew Valley

Terraria Pirate staff vs Spider staff

This is how the sprites of these staves look like (Pirate Staff on the right and Spider Staff on the left)

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