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A large number of possible graphical styles in Asian RPG Games offer diverse environments for different kinds of players. Japanese anime made a massive impact on the visuals of some of these games, and others may use realistic environment infused by high-resolution textures. Various role-playing aspects and customization systems enhance the gameplay, and hardcore challenges offer a lot of content for even the most skilled gamers. Different cultures of the Eastern part of the world inspire Asian games too, but developers prefer to re-design them.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a first game in series of extremely hardcore Action/RPG with sophisticated combat system.

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is an upcoming anime action role-playing game in series of Tales.


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More about Asian RPG Games

Asian RPG Games may have different visual styles and the quality of the textures; however, a lot of them use Japanese anime-styled objects and character models that are popular worldwide. The games use bright animations and unique objects that make the virtual words more detailed. Some other projects focus on realistic graphics and ancient architecture of Asian countries.

Role-playing aspects of Asian RPG Games feature a wide range of customizable features. You may create a brand-new character using the built-in systems, modify facial features, hairstyle, body shape and other minor adjustments; other projects provide a premade character with a specific playstyle. You can choose a few from a wide range of available abilities, and some of them are customizable through the in-game Skill Trees and unique gear pieces.

Most of Asian RPG Games provide an immersive storyline along with a large number of characters. They play a significant role in every event, and most of the stories are connected to various parts of the explorable worlds. Some projects allow the players to make choices and affect the arcs of the characters and changes in the environment. You may also participate in side quests and activities, and some of them may be genuinely challenging to complete. Exploration is an essential part of Asian RPG Games, and most of the virtual worlds have something both for casual and hardcore players.

Best Asian RPG Games

  • Tales of Arise is a role-playing game that features two entirely different planets and a character from each of those for the players to follow the immersive storyline and change the history of these worlds.
  • Final Fantasy VI is a fantasy role-playing game that features a large number of available protagonists, which oppose a gigantic corporation. You may explore various locations and participate in different in-game challenges.
  • Chrono Trigger is an RPG with an in-depth storyline and customizable gameplay. The game features an open world with a variety of available characters to explore and participate in various challenges.