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Many casual roleplaying games provide players with an opportunity to develop a character’s skills and produce resources automatically. Typically, every RPG have automatic aspects, but Auto MMORPG is noticeable because of the full range of these mechanics. An auto option often used for craft, production of different resources (for example, fishing), combat or exploration of the map. Still, many players consider these systems as cheats because they help to develop characters with fewer efforts.

Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken is a browser-based MMORPG developed by Game Hollywood.

Dragon Nest

A Hack-and-Slash MMORPG with non-target system, developed by EYEDENTITY GAMES in 2010.

SAO's Legend

Unique browser-based MMORPG, distributed according to the free-to-play model.


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More About Auto MMORPG

The main feature of Auto MMORPG is a wide range of different automated mechanics, which simplifies or expand gameplay capabilities. Usually, they are used in craft or resource production systems, such as fishing, farming, mining, and moreover. It’s common not only for casual RPGs: some developers add this feature into hardcore projects as part of the strategic elements. Auto functions provide an opportunity to grind materials, battle and improve a character’s level without the presence of a player.

Most of the Auto MMORPG belong to the type of browser games. It’s caused by the specific preferences of auditory, which requires dynamic but straightforward gameplay. Developers of these games better than anyone know how to start a fascinating action show by pressing only one button. In browser-based projects, you can find not only an auto craft, but also auto-completion quest, auto-path which leads your hero through the gameplay, auto-battle, and moreover. You can quickly finish the game without many efforts.

Unfortunately, Auto MMORPG has not only pros but also cons. Many unfair players create dozens of side accounts to increase the speed of development for the main character. In other games, these people use special side software, but in auto games, they can easily abuse shortcomings of the mechanics. So, developers guardedly choose the features for the projects — most of the games in this category have auto function only for side activities, such as farming.

Best Auto MMORPG

  • Wartune is a browser-based MMORPG in the fantasy genre, which has dynamic gameplay oriented on auditory of casual players. This game is simple, entertaining and immersive; you can easily play it during the break or on the way home.
  • Mythborne is a point-and-click fantasy browser-based MMORPG, which has the unique antique setting, smooth gameplay and exciting plot.
  • Black Desert Online is a sophisticated fantasy MMORPG with many automatic functions. The endgame content of these projects is mainly based on “AFK-gameplay” activities.