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Browser Farm Games

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The most immersive and casual-friendly genre of browser games is farming simulators. In these video games, you're taking control of a small farm, where you can grow different plants, breed animals, build different agricultural constructions and cooperate with other players to develop your household together. These games also usually combine elements of different genres, such as strategy or economic simulator. They're used in Browser Farm Games to improve the gameplay quality and add various sophisticated financial mechanics.

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Big Farm

Big Farm is a browser-based strategy in genre of the farm simulator.

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies is a browser-based farm simulator with the strategy elements.


Uptasia is a project which combines classic SLG gameplay and hidden object mechanics.


Mythborne is a point-and-click fantasy browser-based MMORPG in the setting of Ancient Greece.

Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals is a browser side-scrolling adventure MMORPG, developed by R2Games.

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More About Browser Farm Games

This genre of games is based on the core mechanics of the resource management simulators. Many Browser Farm Games provide an opportunity to experience the most casual and entertaining gameplay as well as hardcore economic strategy gameplay. It all depends on how much you want to optimize the production process on your farm. You can choose to do even the most irrational and wasteful actions if you enjoy this, develop your farm as the game story encourages you, or get involved in the race of professional players who can build up the wealthiest and most advanced household. All of these gameplay varieties accessible even in the most casual and straightforward projects.

Farming Mechanics in Browser Games

Browser Farm Games usually have completely automatic gameplay. In most projects of this genre, you have the starting resources which can be used to buy seeds and animals in the in-game shop. Since this moment, you will have to earn money using the supplies and materials you've purchased; everything which grows on the farm can be sold and used to improve some other sources of production. It is one of the most challenging moments in the farming games because you will have to consider the economic benefits of the goods you purchase and calculate whether you will be able to maintain your household economy or not. It's the vital thing because almost every farm simulator use the mechanics of ageing and death of resource sources.

You have to check your farm several times a day to water the plants and feed the animals. Otherwise, your crops will begin to fade and wither, and the animals will suffer from hunger and will soon die if you won't check their condition. Your livestock also isn't everlasting too: plants are removed from the beds after harvesting, and animals usually have a specific life span, which is indicated in the game store. As soon as their time is up, you will have to update the "working staff", which can consist of dozens of different animals — from gooses, chicks and cows to peacocks, giraffes and ostriches. Also, there is usually an opportunity to obtain pets — regularly, these are different breeds of dogs. They're used not for cosmetic purposes: most of the Browser Farm Games allow you to visit your friends' farms and help them with the housework by watering plants and feeding animals. The developers often empower them with an opportunity to "get paid" for their help by stealing a couple of resources from the production. At the same time, developers give allows players to install protective measures that reduce financial losses from visits of other farmers. In any case, this is a very useful mechanic for those who often leave the farm for a long time — other players won't let your farm die.

Best Browser Farm Games

  • Big Farm is a browser-based strategy in the genre of farm economic simulator. It has immersive gameplay and quests, well-balanced financial mechanics, and sophisticated building system.
  • My Little Farmies is a browser-based strategy game in the genre of farm simulator. It has a unique medieval setting, exciting story missions, fast-paced, dynamic gameplay and extensive selection of different buildings and constructions.
  • FarmVille is one of the most famous and popular farm games with strategic gameplay and mechanics in real-time. The gameplay of this project is concentrated on the construction of the buildings, animal breeding and crop growing.