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Best FPS Browser Games

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Browser FPS features one of the most popular genres in the online community ever and puts it into the browser environment to make it accessible for most players. In these games, you get access to a wide range of guns; you can compete with your enemies in various game modes, and your character progression entirely depends on your performance on the battlefield. Browser-based gameplay support allows players to play these games using any device, and they don't have to buy expensive hardware or download massive assets from the web.

Dino Storm

Browser-based Dino MMO game featuring RPG and shooter elements


An action roguevania shooter developed by indie studio


Krunker is a cartoonish browser-based MMOFPS project.

Global Strike

Global Strike is a browser-based first-person MMO shooter.

War Brokers

War Brokers is a browser-based first-person MMO shooter with battle royalle mode.

Rush Team

Rush Team is a cooperative browser-based MMO shooter.

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More about Browser FPS

In most Browser FPS games, players use various firearms or throwables to harm their enemies, and the game sets the camera that way that players may see their hands holding the weapons from the perspective of their eyes. That way, a realistic 3D environment creates an immersive experience of participating in a gunfight. You may use default keyboard and mouse kit to aim and shoot, and some other platforms allow you to use a controller with two sticks both for movement and aiming.

The games offer a wide range of available weapons which depend on the in-game environment. Futuristic settings may provide lasers and rocket-launchers, and westerns focus on revolvers and rifles. In some games, you can carry multiple weapons at once; however, you cannot use all of them at the same time. Most projects also allow you to carry melee weapons, such as knife, sword or fists, and that can be used in case if you run out of ammunition. There are various ways how to obtain additional ammo: sometimes you may find it around the map on the ground or enemies' corpses, and in other cases, you have to purchase it in the lobby or a shop on the map with the in-game currency.

Browser FPS offers its players many different game modes, including both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment. One of the most popular ones is team elimination, where players fight with another team to kill all opponents and survive to win the round. Free-for-all allows you to respawn, and all players compete alone against everyone else, and whoever gets the best score by the time the game is over wins. Some projects offer the players to control mutated monsters and compete against typical gun users, and that also includes a vast number of zombie modes available for the genre.

Browser FPS games do not require the players to buy and download them. There is a much easier method: you open a webpage in your browser to access the game, and the only requirement is the account creation. That way, the browser runs the game in the window, and you don't have to obtain high-end hardware. Players may customize their characters with additional in-game items, improve their online statistics to compete against other players, and some games offer to purchase pay-to-win features. In-depth customization of the profile and various visuals are available to everyone, and the genre provides an enjoyable experience for most players.

Best Browser FPS

  • Rush Team is a browser-based MMO first-person shooter that features various game modes, a wide selection of available weapons and additional features that you can access using the in-game shop.
  • Global Strike is an MMO first-person shooter that players can access through browsers. It features a wide range of game modes in a decent looking environment, and you do not need to download anything to jump into the game.
  • BeGone is a browser-based MMO first-person shooter in a realistic environment with high-resolution textures. The players compete in team elimination mode using a variety of guns in a fast-paced setting.