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Top Browser Games From 2020

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Browser Games from 2020 offer a wide range of available game modes to the players, and most of them also support cross-platform gaming. That way, the community is not limited by a single platform, and the hardware of the devices do not restrict players from the full online experience. You don't need to download any assets to start the gameplay, and creating an account for most games is free. The games are accessible through any machine that supports browsers and has an internet connection.

Darkmoon Realm

Idle browser-based MMORPG game featuring tons of PvE challenges and PvP ladder

Lords of the Arena

An online idle RPG that features elements of MOBA gameplay

Mad World

Browser-based MMORPG in dark fantasy setting


Krunker is a cartoonish browser-based MMOFPS project.


Adversator is a browser-based MOBA project from indie developer.

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More about Browser Games from 2020

Most Browser Games from 2020 offer the gamers fully-functional cross-platform gameplay, and you may use a single account to enjoy the game from multiple devices. For example, a lot of mobile games have a browser-based version and are accessible through any browser, and that does not limit any in-game functions for the players. Various customization options are available for different platforms and their users.

The games offer its players different environments that may include fantasy, realistic and post-apocalyptic settings, and the graphics quality may vary. Some projects use classic pixelated graphics, and others offer their gamers high-resolution textures and 3D models. The picture quality does not affect the performance on any machine because it loads through the browser, and the servers do most of the work.

Most Browser Games from 2020 are free-to-play, and players may fully experience the in-game content without spending any money. However, most of these projects allow investing real-life money into the in-game currency to purchase various artefacts and treasure chests from the in-game shop to increase the development speed and the overall power of the account. The flexibility of the gameplay allows different types of players to co-exist in the same virtual world and have an immersive experience playing together.

Best Browser Games from 2020

  • Dragon Evo is a browser-based MMO card game that features a unique mix of CCG and RPG elements. Players choose one of the factions in the fantasy universe to upgrade their card and compete against other participants.
  • Perfect Fantasy is a browser-based MMORPG that features a bright continent and an immersive storyline for the players. You may create a group of friends to defeat the dark forces and collect various rewards.
  • My Pocket Stars is a browser-based collectable MMO game that features hundreds of unique pets to train, and you can develop each one uniquely. You may explore the game world and encounter other players.