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Browser Management Games

Stone Castle from Browser Management Game

The browser games often feature unique mechanics, that can be suitable perfectly both for casual and hardcore players. The economic strategies are one of the most successful projects in the sphere of browser video games, because they’re immersive, entertaining, and do not take too much time compared to other games, which is very important for the audience. So that Browser Management Games is one of the most exciting games with sophisticated mechanics and many social-based features.

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is a free-to-play strategy MMO in sci-fi setting.

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a browser-based strategy economy game in genre of train simulator.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is a browser MMO in the genre of the real-time strategy.

Pirates of Everseas

Casual-friendly strategy game in setting of the Pirate adventures


Free-to-play browser-based strategy in setting of the pre-Columbian Americas


Browser-based real-time strategy game in fantasy setting

March of Empires

Real-time realistic strategy game in medieval setting

Khan Wars

Old-school real-time strategy game in realistic medieval setting

Soldiers Inc.

Real-time browser-based military strategy in realistic setting

Stormfall: Age of War

Browser-based multiplayer strategy in fantasy setting

Mars Tomorrow

An economic strategy about the colonization and terraforming of Mart


BasketPulse is a realistic simulator of basketball club management.


RPG MO is an indie sandbox MMORPG.

Heroes at War

Heroes at War is a browser strategy in medieval setting, released by Russian developer ApexPoint.

Big Farm

Big Farm is a browser-based strategy in genre of the farm simulator.

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies is a browser-based farm simulator with the strategy elements.

My Sunny Resort

My Sunny Resort is a browser game in genre of resource management simulator.


Uptasia is a project which combines classic SLG gameplay and hidden object mechanics.


Xterium is a sci-if space strategy, featuring the space combats and resource management of the colonies.


Screen from Browser Management Game for PC

More About Browser Management Games

Management projects are one of the most popular genres of browser games. It’s more common for strategies and games with strategy features. The concept of this is based on economic mechanics; these games often feature a wide variety of different social-based activities: trades, player-driven economies, alliances, and many other features.

One of the essential things in Management Browser Games is the production of the resources. These games usually have a sophisticated building system. Each structure serves a specific purpose: for example, the mines provide stones and ores. The production of different materials requires a specific amount of time. The concept of this genre allows players to trade the surplus with other players and gain extra money for it. It’s one of the most exciting things: you can gather up with other players in trade unions, compete on the marketplace, and build up your capital in various ways.

The main feature of the Management Browser Games is that players need to think over the economy of their kingdom. Since all of the structures and population requires to spend fixed maintenance costs, you always have to keep up in mind all your expenses and profits. Otherwise, your kingdom will cease to develop and start declining. Also, games of this genre have such a feature as the mood of the population. If your people are sad because of lack of resources and food, the production of resources may stop.

Best Management Browser Games

  • Rail Nation is an economic strategy in the genre of train simulator. The core activities of this project are based on trading and effective production of the resources. Also, the game offers the sophisticated mechanics of management.
  • Forge of Empires is a PvP oriented strategy game, featuring the complex mechanics of resource production and trade cooperations.
  • Travian is a browser-based economic strategy in real-time. The gameplay of this video game is based on the development of the kingdom, which requires effective resource management.