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Browser-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games allow players to control a single character as a part of the team to compete against another group of players, usually on a map in an isometric perspective. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing team's main structure before they destroy yours with the help of computer-controlled units. Browser MOBA games do not require the players to download any assets, and they can open the game in any browser and start playing online right away.

Lords of the Arena

An online idle RPG that features elements of MOBA gameplay


Adversator is a browser-based MOBA project from indie developer.

Adventure Time Battle Party

Adventure Time Battle Party is a browser MOBA game, developed by Cartoon Network Interactive.


A free-to-play online game for Adobe Flash, made in 2008 by enthusiasts from Casual Collective

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Browser MOBA games do not require the players to download any assets, and they only need to create an account and log in. The hardware does not affect the graphics and its quality, and everyone may run it smoothly through their browser. However, players may adjust various settings to customize the visual and gameplay experience even further. Some features may require you to pay real-life money, and others may ask you to pay the in-game currency or reach a certain point in the account progression. The convenience of the games brings more and more players to the community, and various features satisfy the needs of both casual and hardcore gamers.

Each match in Browser MOBA games starts when players gather a team of five characters. They need to work together to achieve the victory goal to destroy the main structure on their opponents' base, and some MOBAs may have other additional win conditions. The game creates computer-controlled units for both sides periodically to attack the opponents. Players need to protect their bases both from NPCs and enemy players.

Killing an enemy or assisting the assassination awards players with experience and in-game currency. Your character consumes experience to increase its level, which grants a bonus to the characteristics and allows you to access better versions of the character's abilities. The in-game currency is used to purchase items that affect various attributes and may change the gameplay for any hero drastically. It's crucial to buy equipment because it increases the power of most characters, and whoever does it first has better chances of winning the match.

In most Browser MOBA Games, playable characters have an assigned class such as tank, mage, assassin, support and others. And most champions can be played as damage-dealer, support and carry. Support characters purchase healing and buffing items to empower the team, and they also sacrifice themselves to save others. Gankers roam around the map and try to initiate an ambush against opponents to acquire the in-game currency and disrupt their strategy. Carry heroes must grind the in-game currency to purchase the best items in the game to deal the most damage and destroy the enemies. Roles can be flexible and can be classified by the particular line they are farming, and teams may adjust them during the game.

Best Browser MOBA

  • Adventure Time Battle Party is a MOBA game based on Adventure Time universe. Familiar characters and dynamic gameplay create a unique experience that is available from any browser without downloading anything.
  • AirMech Strike is a cross-platform project that is also available in browsers, and it features immersive gameplay of the MOBA genre. Players control a robot to compete against other machines in a futuristic setting.
  • Adversator is a fantasy browser-based MOBA game that offers cartoonish textures and immersive gameplay. Players choose from multiple classes to compete against other players on the battlefield and in global ratings.