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Card MMORPG became a wild trend not a long time ago. This type of genre became popular just at the time when Blizzard released the game of Hearthstone. After that, many game developers began to try their hand at creating card online games in fantasy settings and such. Although this genre is very new and primarily bases itself in real-life gatherings, it can be utilized online as well, without losing the needed impressions common for these types of games.

Astellia Online

An action MMORPG where you explore the world and collect unique battle pets.


Wartune is a browser turn-based fantasy MMORPG with SLG elements, developed by 7Road studio.

League of Angels 2

A sequel of League of Angels game with beautiful 3D graphics and advanced battle system.

League of Angels

League of Angels is a browser-based 2D fantasy MMORPG with the elements of SLG.


Необычная MMORPG про волшебников с множеством различных классов и игровых активностей

Wartune Reborn

Wartune Reborn is a strategic 2.5D browser MMORPG in setting of fantasy.

Art from MTG for Card MMORPG Games List

More about Card MMORPG

More than often, Card MMORPGs involve battles between two players who use a deck of individual cards to fight each other. These games are played as an electronic analogue to the physical card games with a hint of an MMORPG. This specific "hint" is often presented as an opportunity to move around the game world as a character, interacting with NPCs and exploring the areas. The only difference is that all of the fightings are happening in card exchanging format. The cards are played on a virtual tabletop. Each game supports a set of specific rules to enforce proper gameplay.

Participants begin their journey by creating the character, choosing the class and getting to know their starting deck, just like in the most card games. The starting deck usually consists of weak creatures and spells that don't possess great powers. With time, players get to fight against more powerful cards and monsters and collect them to use in exclusive decks. Massive battlegrounds are designed for players to play casual decks against one another. In addition to free battles against NPCs, official competitive tournaments take place around the clock for all interested participants. Tournament matches include events with limited deck and drafts, so do larger tournaments that take place according to a regular schedule. The winners of such competitions always get exclusive rewards, such as skins, new cards and enhancements.

The main feature of Card MMORPG genre is an original artwork done for each card. The art of the deck is often viewed as a collector's item, and most of the players enjoy playing TCGs for the fun of collecting new cards and exploring the vast amount of various representatives. These games are often provided with a player-driven economy that allows to trade unwanted cards and build up a whole market around them, which is very helpful to the new players as well as to old ones. Overall, Card MMORPGs provide many happy hours for those who grew tired of ordinary MMORPGs with action combat or target systems.

Best Card MMORPG

  • Wizard101 is a child-friendly MMORPG in the fantasy genre which uses cards for the combat system. In this game, you will have to join the wizardry school and learn how to deal with magic powers.
  • Hex: Shards of Fate is a fantasy card game with RPG elements. It provides players with exclusive PvE content, dozens of dungeons and perfect AI-controlled opponents.
  • Astellia Online is a fantasy MMORPG with elements of TCG. It uses classic card game mechanics for the battle system, which allows you to summon beasts and cast spells using specific cards.