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The main distinctive feature of Chinese RPG Games is that they are made by Chinese game development companies located in that country. Some of the projects may not have localization for other countries. However, a lot of successful role-playing games from China tend to involve players from all around the world. Typical role-playing aspects are there for the players to customize their experience, and the difficulty levels may vary. There are always challenges for the most skilled players, along with more simple and repetitive activities and quests. Due to the high popularity of online projects, most of the Chinese RPG games feature cooperative game modes or interactions with other players: usually, this cooperation is available in different dungeons and challenges.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime action roleplaying game developed for the mobile platforms

Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 6

Chinese RPG with Dual Combat System developed by the Softstar Entertainment

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Chinese RPG Games take a long history and rich culture of the country as inspiration. You may meet familiar characters and their prototypes; various cultural objects may inspire a large part of the architecture, and lore may be connected with famous Chinese literature. All together, it creates a unique role-playing environment that allows players to explore and try various gameplay aspects.

Chinese RPG Games often require a lot of effort from the players to acquire valuable in-game equipment and other items. However, some projects may allow you to configure the difficulty to fit your playstyle. Still, most of the games have difficult opponents and relatively low item drop rates, which forces you to repeat various challenges throughout the playtime.

Various customization aspects are always for the players, and Chinese RPG Games offer you a wide range of abilities and gear pieces to affect your attributes and in-game power. You may change the visuals of some objects and affect the changes in the environment, and you also can modify the outlook of the playable characters.

Chinese RPG Games provide a unique experience for both casual and hardcore players who can enjoy various challenges and side activities along with authentic plot and atmosphere.

Best Chinese RPG Games

  • Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 6 is a Chinese RPG developed by Softstar Technology. It is the eighth instalment of the video game series, set many years after the events of The Legend of Sword and Fairy 5. "The Legend of Sword and Fairy" is a beloved RPG series whose first instalment was released in 1995. The storyline will take you on a challenging and exciting path that will show you the moment the deity called Shen Nong was born and also tell you about the nine Ju Quan Warriors that were able to make the heavens and the earth stop their cycle. The Heavenly Knights are all sources of the powerful energy flow that makes our universe function. After that, the war between the three sides started; Humans and Gods were able to defeat the side of the Beasts. The defeated opponent was defeated and sent to hell, and since then, Humans and Gods have never met again. The war came to an end, as did the existence of Shen Nong and Ju Quan, and the great legend sunk into obscurity along with the Warriors. New military battles are coming, and people will again have to fight for the right to life, and you have to accept the challenge, finding yourself in the middle of a showdown of fantastic warriors.
  • Planet Explorers is an adventure role-playing video game developed and published by Pathea Games. It is an open-world role-playing adventure game set on a remote, uninhabited planet. In the Chinese RPG game, you play the role of one of thousands of colonizers on a planet that must survive on a harsh, populated by reptiles, dinosaurs and other life forms. In this game you will have to hunt various dinosaurs and other monsters, thereby earning the food and equipment, mine minerals, build bases and fortifications, and fight with other players in cooperative mode.
  • Genshin Impact is an action/RPG open-world computer game developed by miHoYo Limited from China. Genshin Impact has quite an interesting story with several interesting plot twists. Players in Genshin Impact can go through some of the activities in co-op, but most of the time, the player will explore the world alone. In the single-player game, players control a squad of four characters, and in co-op, the gameplay changes noticeably. While in single-player mode the player takes turns controlling four characters and combining their skills independently, in co-op four people take control of one character each. It is a cross-platform Chinese RPG, which is available on mobile devices on Android and iOS, as well as on PC and PlayStation.