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There are many different reasons why people may not want to play regular games: these can be either personal preferences or religious reasons. Precisely for this kind of gamers, many developers create roleplaying projects with no blood, violence, nudity and other controversial things. Usually, Christian MMORPG are child-friendly, with casual gameplay, fascinating story and beautiful graphics, traditionally inspired by cartoons or drawings. Moreover, these video games often can have no magic, wizardry or supernatural powers.

Star Stable

An online adventure game about horses, competitions, races, and horse care


Minecraft is a blocky 3D sandbox about crafting and exploring.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG in fantasy style, developed by R2Games.

Dragon Pals

Dragon Pals is a browser side-scrolling adventure MMORPG, developed by R2Games.


Необычная MMORPG про волшебников с множеством различных классов и игровых активностей

Dragon Nest

A Hack-and-Slash MMORPG with non-target system, developed by EYEDENTITY GAMES in 2010.

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More About Christian MMORPG

The religious people often have different restrictions and prohibitions, which makes the choice of video game uneasy for them. Some developers create the most Christian- and child-friendly projects, which have to blood, nudity, violence or magic. The moral considerations of Christian players allow them to play the casual and kind video games, which try to convey the correct thoughts about life with their plot and show an example of decent behaviour to children and people who have lost their moral guidelines. Christian MMORPG promote friendship, love and patience to your close ones, helping other people and support to those in need.

Due to the specific characteristics of the Christian culture, many of them also do not accept magic and witchcraft; these activities not only forbidden but also considered as awful sin and demonic possession — still, many modern Christians, especially young people, much more tolerant to that. Many Christian MMORPG uses biblical stories and parables in their plot and quests, but video games in other settings can be considered Christian-friendly. Usually, these games have a realistic scenario, very rarely they released in the fantasy genre. If these games have combat system, there will definitely be no blood and detailed pictures of wounds.

Best Christian MMORPG

  • Trove is a Minecraft-like sandbox voxel MMORPG, which features entertaining gameplay, simple graphics and an active, friendly community.
  • Life Academy is a Christian MMORPG in the genre of the real-life simulator. In this game, you can explore the world and cooperate with players with the same thoughts as yours.
  • Draconica is a Christian-friendly MMORPG with no blood, violence and cursed language. It has immersive gameplay and cute cartoon graphics.