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Classless MMORPG

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Most of the modern MMORPG projects follow the safest path, providing their players with a limited amount of roles and classes. However, some of them tend to add some variability to the gameplay. Classless MMORPG doesn't have the class system at all; instead of that, these video games offer an opportunity to form a unique build out of the set of different skills, which can create entirely new roles with unusual gameplay, which is suitable personally for players needs.

Naval Action

A simulator of sailing and naval battles in the era of sailboats, developed by Game-Labs.


A fantasy postapocalyptic game about the survival of mankind in the fight against huge monsters.

Life is Feudal: MMO

Hardcore medieval-style MMORPG from the creators of Life is Feudal: Your Own.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero is a sci-fi survival MMOFPS in retro stylistic.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is a pay-to-play fantasy MMORPG based on the worlds of the Final Fantasy series.


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More About Classless MMORPG

In most cases, classless MMORPG videogames experiment with the system of character development instead of removing it at all. Even though those games have no classes, the roles in gameplay and their archetypes are still used; you can see completely new mechanics very rare, but they're still in. Many of classless role-playing projects use a flexible system of skills. It has two ways of character development. The first one requires you to use the skill to improve your abilities in it — the more often you perform the action, the higher it's level. It works only for one ability so that you can't use earned skill points to learn another one. In other projects, you can level up your hero with usual EXP and earn skill points, which can be spent on the development. The third way is the rarest one: you have a limited amount of skill points which can be apportioned at the very beginning, and you can't change them during the gameplay.

Classes MMORPG provides players with an opportunity to create a unique build for their hero. For example, many players would like to play as a hybrid is healer and warrior, but this class is scarce for videogames with the class system. The games with a flexible system of skills have no restrictions for their players: you can make the most ergonomic build, create a character with the gameplay role of your dream, or just study all of the possible skills to make a jack-of-all-trades. Remember that the path of the overpowered hero is often quite dull and full of grind, so it's much more interesting to experiment and create something on your taste.

Best Classless MMORPG

  • Mabinogi is an anime MMORPG which has a flexible system of skills. The abilities in this game are divided into those that can be used and battle and form standard gameplay archetypes, and specific skills, such as dancing or singing.
  • Runescape is a classic hardcore MMORPG, which has a flexible system of skills, based on classic archetypes.
  • Albion Online has a system of combat skills based on equipment set; also, in this game, all abilities should be practised to be improved.