The 6th season has strarted in KurtzPel

KurtzPel Lightning Fang Karma

The multiplayer Action RPG KurtzPel has launched its 6th Ranking Season with a significant update. The game features new karma called "Lightning Fang", which fights on the middle distance using kunai. The characters with this karma have high mobility and teleportation ability.

The developers also have added a deck system that allows you to set up several builds for your abilities, equipment and emotions in advance. Three slots for each type are initially available, and more can be opened in the KP shop.

With the release of the update, two events were launched. Until 30th September, players will receive 30% more experience when playing for new karma, as well as various rewards including shining magic stones, paints, advanced sets, emotions and more can be collected for daily entry until 4th November.