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AD2460 Review

By BwwDtt | 18 November 2019
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AD2460 is a browser-based sci-fi strategy MMO game, developed by Fifth Season studio.

  • The regular game challenge called Seasons
  • A unique system of players interaction
  • System of alliances
  • Customizable ships

AD2460 Gameplay

AD2460 is a WMMO strategy game, which allows the player to take control of their planet. In this role, the player will need to distribute the resources of their Homeworld, engage in politics between different alliances, and direct space battles. The events of the game divided into different seasons so that the progress of all players in the game will be removed after the period ends. The developers believe that this feature makes all players equal and supports the interest of those who play for a long time.

When you enter the game for the very first time, all of the mechanics and features would be introduced to you during the tutorial. You will start gaining resources and create your first base with the help of your assistant. Do not refuse help, as the game is quite complicated for beginners.

The AD2460 is a highly social game; from the very beginning, it encourages players to unite. Starting the game yourself is quite difficult since your planet needs resources mined in the danger zone. These zones must be protected from other players, and it requires a powerful fleet, which will not appear under your command in the first minutes of the game. The AD2460 community is rather small, but friendly to beginners, so they will most likely help you and take to their company.

During the game, you should learn a lot of tutorials and tips. They are quite simple and understandable, but there are many of them because AD2460 is a massive game with many aspects. Even before the start of the game, it will be useful for you to get acquainted with the beginners' guide, so you will not feel lost in this complex interface.

The primary activities in AD2460 are producing resources, completing missions, customizing the fleet and participating in PvE or PvP battles. The missions are representing the storyline and allowing earning resources and experience. All of them have different tasks and divided into multiple story packs.

AD2460 Battleships and Combat

The ships in AD2460 divided into four different types with various purposes. The Frigates are fast spaceships with light armour used in close combat; the Cruisers are the heavy armoured type used as the main armament of the fleet; slow and weak Carriers carrying small warships; and massive, deadly Battleships. The Commanders drive all of the spaceships.

The combat part of AD2460 is complicated and requires the additional practice of the tactics during the game. You can attack the Outposts of other players and their ships. The actions divided into the rounds and the combat has two stages so that the PvE and PvP are turn-based. At the first stage, your goal is to choose the strategy, and at the second stage, your ships are taking actions. Battles occur the same way both in PvP and PvE mode.

Besides, you need to protect your Homeworld and sources of resources always. If you have enough ships, part of the fleet will remain at the base and will defend your territory from attackers. Also, if you're the part of the alliance, you will need to support the defence of your allies.

Who Is It For?

AD2460 is a perfect choice for fans of sci-fi games and ambitious space explorers. It has a vast world map with lots of different sectors. Other players conquer not all of them. You can discover new horizons and establish control over your own space segment, gather the strongest alliance and assume under your command the best ships in the universe.