Adventure game Haven has launched on consoles and PC today

Haven Action Game Release Date December 3rd 2020

Today, December 3rd, the adventure game Haven was released on PC and consoles (PS5, Xbox). On this occasion, the studio The Game Bakers released a launch trailer of the project. The plot is based on the story of Yu and Kay, lovers who ran away to the forgotten planet. Heroes will travel around the world, gracefully gliding over the grass, collecting resources, communicating and helping each other in battles. A local cooperative for two players is available in the game. According to the developers, the game sets a very different pace than their previous project Furi. Haven provides relaxing meditative gameplay, which will help to learn the characters, immerse into their life and love them because of their deep dramatic history.

Haven is designed for all types of players — experienced and not very experienced. First of all, it is a single-player project; however, it can be played with another player to explore the world together. Playing alone, the user will take control of both heroes. The combat system is not turn-based, but it's not real-time combat either. The combat system is played by clicking individual buttons that make up different combinations. Clicking and holding one of them starts a specific action. It is necessary to synchronize the attacks with the utmost precision to combine them. You don't need to give orders quickly, but you should still stick to a certain sense of rhythm.

The game developed by The Game Bakers is more about contemplation and reflection of the events than about complex gameplay mechanics. According to the developers, the game is ideal for relaxing after a busy day. The game seems even more relaxing because of the electronic soundtrack developed by the musician Danger.