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AdventureQuest Worlds Review

By BwwDtt | 25 November 2019
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AdventureQuest Worlds is a browser MMORPG, developed by Artix Entertainment in 2008.

  • Major updates every Friday
  • Real-time combat and gameplay
  • Social-based game
  • Dozens of playable classes

AdventureQuest Worlds Gameplay

AdventureQuest Worlds is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG, developed and released by Artix Entertainment in 2008. This game has an exciting plot, lots of various quests, regular additional content packs and hilarious flexible system of skills. The social part of the AQW is also enjoyable and active. This game has a unique, evolving plot. Developers usually ads new story quests every week, as well as new classes, weapons, creatures, and features.

First, what you have to do is to create your character. You have to choose a gender, appearance and class of your hero. AdventureQuest World has a full character editor. Moreover, you can change the appearance of your hero by in-game purchases.

The game features real-time gameplay with dynamic battles. You can participate both in PvE and PvP battles, or join a multiplayer coop battle. There is also an opportunity to team up with other players in a guild. Due to the wide variety of game classes and skills, PvP fights in this game are the most dynamic and breathtaking. Players have to create a battle tactic during the game because all of the opponents are unique.

If you need help in a battle, you can call a pet or a guest for help. There are lots of various characters with different abilities, so you better pick one that harmonizes with the stats of your hero. Also, you can find help from Moglins, friendly and cute intelligent race that lives in a world of the AdventureQuest.

In this game, players also can obtain a house, decorate it and guest friends to spend time there. The social part is very active and exciting due to the number of active players. The AdventureQuest Worlds also has a comfortable chat so that you can cooperate with the teammates right in the game.

AdventureQuest Worlds Classes

There are four starter classes, standard for all RPG games: Healer, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior. You can mix all of them with other ones so that you can create your hybrid hero. There are also additional classes, more than 55 of them is in the game at the moment. Some of them are extremely rare so that you can't obtain them anymore. Classes usually added with weekly expansions.

  • Healer is a standard support class. They're adepts of the white magic that relies on their Intellect, Luck and Endurance characteristics. Healers may also carry supportive enhancements, such as Wizard, Lucky, and Healer.
  • Mage is a class that uses magic spells and staffs as their weapon. They're always ranged heroes, with severe damage and endurance. This class has no healing skills, to it should be paired with a Support hero, or provided with a set of healing potions.
  • Rogue is an agile and dangerous class, with lots of stealth skills. Rogues have the highest Strength, Endurance and Dexterity stats, and they also can carry the Thief and Lucky enhancements.
  • Warrior is a starter tank class with high HP rank and lots of defensive skills. These heroes also have severe damage that makes them the ultimate units on the battlefield.