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Adversator Review

By BwwDtt | 11 May 2020
Average: 9.2 (22 votes)

Adversator is a browser-based 3D MOBA developed and published by Paradoks Studio.

  • Multiple playable characters
  • Unique Graphical Design
  • Team-based Gameplay
  • The Versatility of Abilities and Items

Adversator Gameplay

Adversator is a MOBA game accessible through browsers; you can register a profile or play anonymously. The account allows you to add friends and to track your progress, rate of winnings and losses. The level of it shows the game experience to your opponents and teammates, and the number of earned points calculates your rank to compare with other players. You can always see your global status, and players challenge each other to become the best in the game.

The game features a cartoonish graphics with medium-resolution textures. It is a browser game, so it does not require you to have a modern PC; however, the game takes time to load up to run in your browser. During the game, you control your character using the top-down view, and you see the surroundings unless it's hidden in the fog of war. The mini-map shows the locations of friendly forces and seeable enemies in real-time, and you can move the camera view by clicking on it.

In Adversator, there are two teams of five players compete against each other and the first to destroy the enemy's base wins. There is a medium-sized map that has three lanes leading to the enemy base. Each corridor sends out creatures that attack your enemy every specific period, and the opposite side's NPCs can be farmed for experience and gold. Experience points increase your level, and gold allows you to purchase various items to increase the power of your hero.

Adversator Combat Roles

There are three playable characters in this game, and all three specialize on a specific attribute:

Agility hero is the one who deals the most damage, and it has four abilities. It is strong against Strength characters and weak to Intelligence heroes.

Strength hero has the most health, and it is robust against Intelligence characters. It also has four skills, and it is weak comparing to Agility heroes.

Intelligence hero is the team support, and the playstyle requires you to stay away from the fights. The character has four abilities, and it's strong versus Agility heroes, and weak to Strength ones.

Therefore, characters counter each other, and that way, the game balances itself. However, there is a wide range of available items that increase attributes and may affect specific abilities. It is crucial to collect enough gold to purchase them before the enemies do; otherwise, they become too overpowering, and it leads to defeat.

In Adversator every character may carry up to six items, and there is an additional slot for teleport scrolls that allow reaching farther points on the map quickly. All abilities have multiple levels, and the character's level up grants you with a point to spend into upgrading your perks. Upgraded skills have longer durations and increased damage, therefore increasing the power of your character drastically.

Players use default keyboard and mouse kit to play the game. There are various menus available for more information about each match, including scores and respawn times. The options menu allows you to change the keyboard pattern, check your ping and modify your screen resolution.

Adversator is a unique browser-based MOBA that is suitable both for hardcore and casual players. The selection of heroes is simple to learn and start competing against others; however, the best players need to practice and find the best combination of characters and items available, and strategic choices play a crucial role in the outcome of each battle.