Alpha Testing Stage of Third-person MOBA Kingshunt will start this month

Kingshunt Alpha Testing Stage 2020

Developers of third-person MOBA Kingshunt announced the start date of alpha testing. The servers will be opened on November 28 and 29 for a limited time. To participate in the test, you need to pre-register on the official website, but the keys will be sent only to limited amount of random participants. You can also pre-order one of the editions of the game on the official website.

Kingshunt is a multiplayer online game with a third-person view, which combines the elements of Tower Defence, Real-time Strategy and Hack-and-Slash genres. The gameplay consists of a confrontation between two teams: one defends the base by building towers, and the other attacks with controlled minions. The arenas can accommodate up to 100 users, and in the centre is Titan King.