Ankama will release new season of the Wakfu series

Wakfu Anime Series Art

Ankama has released three seasons of anime based on the MMORPG Wakfu, and it looks like 13 more episodes are coming up. This turn-based MMORPG is one of the most popular MMO games in Europe and Asia, and it has hundreds of fans who helped to overreach all goals on Kickstarter. The creators collected €1,500,00 instead of claimed €100,000.

Another reason for the series' popularity is that the story of anime directly influences the game world. The developer teaser all upcoming updates and new features in this cartoon, and it's fascinating to predict how it will be implemented in Wakfu.

Wakfu is a fantasy MMORPG in with cartoonish isometric graphics and turn-based tactical battles. The game has many unusual features, such as the political system that allows becoming a ruler or governor, ecosystem management (for example, cutting down trees will lead to the destruction of fauna), and 18 unusual classes.