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Asheron's Call Review

By BwwDtt | 10 August 2020
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Asheron's Call is a fantasy MMORPG for computers, developed and published by Turbine Entertainment Software.

  • Vast open world
  • Many playable races
  • Deep system of character development
  • Advanced PvP system

Asheron's Call

The world of Asheron's Call is located on the island continent of Dereth and several surrounding small islands and archipelagos on the fictional planet Auberean. The game's universe has a vast, seamless 3D world, which could accommodate thousands of game characters at a time.

Many elements of Asheron's Call are radically different from most other MMORPGs. For example, the world is not divided into separate locations, although some areas are more dangerous than others. Another critical difference is that the Asheron's Call does not use the character level as the main factor determining the outcome of the battle.

The level determines which skills are available to characters, as well as their skills and equipment. In Asheron's Call, players can defeat the opponent at a much higher level only because of the skills and equipment. The lack of division into zones also creates unpredictability in character development.

The gameplay is built on the accumulation of experience during the participation in various gaming activities, including defeating monsters, completing quests, and interaction with the NPCs. Experience points can be rebalanced to improve the character's abilities, parameters or skills. Additional Skill Points are awarded for reaching a certain level, and they can be used to gain new skills.

By accumulating experience, fighting monsters and making quests, players can find weapons, armour, spell scrolls and health potions. Many types of items can be enhanced or enchanted with specific spells and effects by developing a crafting system.

Asherons Call Character Creation

The world of Asheron's Call allows players to create a character of one of six races. The player distributes stat points between the character's parameters ("Force", "Coordination" and "Speed") and chooses skills ("Hand Combat", "Magic" and "Defense in Close Combat") and starts the game with these essential skills and parameters. Unlike many other MMORPGs, the heroes are not limited to a specific class and can redistribute the involved skill points between different abilities.

The height, weight and constitution of the character determine the strength, abilities and weaknesses of the hero. It's harder to hit the short characters, but their speed is quite slow; giants have a small advantage in battles and run faster than others, but they are easier to attack.

Asherons Call Races

Unlike other MMORPGs which are based on popular fantasy stories, the world of Ashron is inhabited by original and unique creatures. There are no elves and goblins; instead of them, there are insectlike Olthoi, humanoids with feline features Drudges, giant grey-skinned humanoids Lugians and reptiles Aun Tumerok.

Gharu'ndim — desert-dwellers with honourable formal culture. The Gharu'ndim are the human descendants who belong to one of the Isparian Cultures.

Sho — the southern human nation who settled the great kingdom near the sea. They have the most excellent discipline and combat masteries.

Shadow — umbraen and penumbraen are people who chosen to receive the chaotic powers of the shadow; they forgot their previous lives to receive new bodies and mystic abilities.

Undead — the descendants of a race of refugees from an ancient curse, laid upon House Mhoire.

Empyrean — a race which only recently returned to their world after the Olthoi Invasion. These creatures were being drained by the powers of the Virindi, and the rituals of the undead Emperor Geraine. Weakened and forever altered by their imprisonment, they have to begin a new life.

Aun Tumerok — the descendants of hostile lizard-like creatures who decided to live a peaceful life. The Aun Tumerok have joined the Isparians and started the new artistic experience.

Lugian — a race of giants from the world Tuu. These creatures love crafting and art; however, they're also great warriors with a strict code of honour. Lugians live in clans ruled by Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Olthoi — the race of insects which live cruel and brutal lives serving for the Queen. These creatures fight for domination over the areas and destroy all other living things on their way.

Aluvian — a human nation with a fiercely willful character. Aluvian is one of the Isparian Cultures with the homeland on the Aluvia, on Ispar.

Viamontian — the warlike human nation that is always at war over conquering new lands. They are different from other people because of their dark blue skin.

Gear Knight — the race of unknown origins which has strong mechanical bodies. They live in strict societies which have strict orders like the army, and their Houses are ruled by Primus.

Asherons Call Spells

Almost all players learn useful spells of some magic schools; some non-magical characters train in two or even three schools. New spells can be acquired by using scrolls or as a reward for completed quests. Magic scrolls can be found as loot on most creatures, and you can buy them from Scriveners, as well as in most chests.

Spells can be purchased from any of the spell sellers in all Startup locations or Arvik from the Spell sellers in the desired Magic School. To use spells you need a device to use (a sceptre or magic wand) and components of the required spell. Also, to successfully use a spell, you must have the correct character level and buffed skills.

Asherons Call PvP

Player Versus Player (PvP) refers to any content in which players compete with each other, as opposed to non-game game characters. In AC, PvP usually only players with PvP status can participate.

"Player Killers" (PK) can harm other PKs. When they are killed, PK drop items and the killer gains experience; these characters appear on the radar as a red point.

Killer players can take part in special quests. Although there is no content in AC that is limited only to NPK killers, there are some dungeons and quests that only the killer can access. In the world of darkness, all characters permanently have PK status; in other worlds, it's possible to switch from PK to NPK status using special altars. PK, as opposed to NPK, can harm, kill and rob other players. Player killer status can be changed to the opposite or "downgraded" using the NPK temple.

Player Killer Lite (PKL) status is similar to PK, but with less risk and less reward. A PKL can only harm other PKLs, they do not drop items when killed, and the killer does not gain experience. PKLs appear on the radar like a pink spot. Player Killer Lite status allows you to help, harm and kill other PKL players who are also PKLs. PKL players are affected by all PKL timers and restrictions, such as call timers and movement restrictions during healing or casting a spell.

Gameplay for a specific race Olthoi is a system designed to allow players to jump directly to a higher PvP level without having to spend a vast amount of time levelling and collecting equipment. The disadvantage is that Olthoi Play is minimal. Olthoi can be created on all servers; they're permanently set to Player Killer status (red), regardless of the server.

Asheron's Call System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 32 MB of RAM
  • Graphics Card: Integrated Graphics
  • CPU: Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor
  • File Size: 170 MB free hard-drive space
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 operating system with DirectX 6.1 API