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Asherons Call 2 Review

By BwwDtt | 12 August 2020
Average: 7.8 (8 votes)

Asheron's Call 2 is a retro MMORPG continuing old-school fantasy MMO Asheron's Call.

  • Deep character customization
  • Hardcore PvP combat
  • Social-driven Gameplay
  • Immersive storyline

Asheron's Call 2 Gameplay

Asheron's Call 2 is an online RPG that takes place in the magical world of Dereth, similar to the European Middle Ages. The developers took the best of the past project and made some significant changes in the gameplay. Players no longer need to spend long hours in the world of the game, mining resources and developing abilities of the hero: the whole gameplay is reduced to action and immersion in the adventure.

The world of Asheron's Call 2 is populated by three races: humans, Tumerok and Lugian. The character that the gamer will choose depends on the future game: each race has its own unique set of weapons, magic and skills. If you are playing for Tumerok, then the character will never become a craftsman; if your hero is human, then you will never master the battle magic.

Having chosen a race, you need to decide on the gender of the hero, body size and clothing. Even though the game has only three playable races, you can generate a very unusual character. In addition, the physiological features of your hero directly affect the interaction with the game world and other characters.

After that, you need to determine the type of specialization of the character; it depends on the set of available skills. The development of the warrior and wizard is fundamentally different: the knight will not be able to learn spells, and the wizards will not cope with heavy armour.

It is not enough to have good armour and sharp sword or know how to cast the fireballs to win battles. Each enemy has its unique weaknesses and strengths, and it is impossible to cope with all enemies alone. It is another reason why it is not recommended to explore the world of Asheron's Call 2 alone. The combat system of the project is designed that way so that players with different roles need to cooperate. A warlock have to support knights, warriors should not let the enemy break through the defence and hurt the support, and the wizards can cure the wounded allies.

There are many ways to unite with other players in Asheron's Call 2. The easiest is a temporary group. Players can gather in a group to accomplish a common goal and then continue to play one by one. The second way to find co-operative players is to join an alliance. There are often different requirements and sometimes even fees for joining the successful cooperation. The most powerful kind of community is the kingdom: only players with the highest level and well-developed characters can join. In addition, they control different territories, for which the game takes place massive battles.