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Ashes of Creation Review

By BwwDtt | 30 June 2020
Average: 6.7 (19 votes)

Ashes of Creation is an innovative MMORPG with an open fantasy world that changes according to the actions of players.

  • Unique player-driven world
  • Many sandbox features
  • Beautiful environment
  • Advanced craft system

Ashes of Creation Gameplay

Every adventure in Ashes of Creation is unique. There are no identical stories and mandatory missions, what kind of experience you will receive and how you end the adventure depends only on your decisions. It's possible to travel solo or find companions to reach incredible heights together and become the best in your sphere.

The world structure of Ashes of Creation is dynamic and changeable, and any user action has an impact on the environment. Players determine where and when settlements will appear, and which of them become large crowded cities with developed economies. A unique role in Ashes of Creation is given to politics because it is the players who control this world.

You can explore and develop territories around the world. The game provides the opportunity to join one of the existing settlements or build a house far away from other players. But even if you want to get away from adventurers, you will have to raise your skills and team with other players to develop your character.

Ashes of Creation combines elements of traditional MMO and unique mechanics invented by the developers. You will be able to perform local quests, go through long chains of orders and special missions that change depending on the decisions you have already made. Special quests allow you to fight for power and the right to determine the fate of the world. Massive multiplayer sieges gather hundreds of players on the battlefield, and complex dynamic locations make this confrontation spectacular and exciting.

Ashes of Creation has an incredibly beautiful world inhabited by fantastic creatures. Battles against the same opponent will be different thanks to advanced artificial intelligence. As for PvP, AoC has both traditional flagging system that punishes neutral players for attacking, and open PvP areas. Caravans are one of the main features of the trading and PvP system Ashes of Creation. A PvP area is formed around the caravans on the road. Inside that zone, the players will either have to defend the valuable goods or attack the escorts to get the trophies.

In the new MMORPG, players will be able to explore uncharted territories continually. Resources appear and disappear over time in different parts of the world, but the search may not be as difficult as bringing these materials to the settlements. This system creates a dynamic market economy and pushes players to move and open up new trading areas regularly.

Crafts play a crucial role in the economy of Ashes of Creation. You can get a large plantation, spending a lot of time and energy on its development, or you can go to another place in the world in search of rare minerals. No matter where and how the resources are mined, you can create original objects from them. An advanced craft system will help each master to create a unique appearance and approach to production.