Aura Kingdom will receive two patches with new content

Aura Kingdom Update 66&67 September 2020

Gamigo announced the release of two content updates for the fantasy anime-inspired MMORPG Aura Kingdom. The latest content packs provide players with an opportunity to explore new dungeons, participate in events and much more. More information about an upcoming update will be shared on the official website of the game.

The latest update for the Aura Kingdom features the mysterious story-related dungeon "Eidolon", where players can fight dangerous monsters and discover the story of Kitami. It's also possible to explore an additional side-story dungeon "Monster" or the dungeon "Nightmare".

The recent patch also adds the new Mirabelle quest designed for five players. The team of players can use semi-automatic skills that will help in their battles with countless monsters roaming the game world.