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Battle for the Galaxy Review

By BwwDtt | 09 December 2019
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Battle for the Galaxy is a free-to-play cross-platform MMO strategy game, developed by AMT games.

  • Dynamic combat system
  • Realistic strategy mechanics
  • League competitions and tournaments
  • Many types of troops

Battle for the Galaxy Gameplay

Battle for the Galaxy is a strategy MMO game with dynamic combats between influential corporations. Your main goal in this game is to create the most potent base and conquer the Galaxy to obtain more valuable resources. The primary activities here are resource management, base building, participating in PvP battles, and cooperating with other players. It has no plot, but you can follow the questline.

When you enter the game for the very first time, you will have to complete the introduction quest. You will learn the basics about management and base building; after that, you will continue developing on your own.

The buildings in Battle for the Galaxy divided into several types. The first type is resource-producing and warehouses: here you can gain create valuable materials and store the goods. You have to protect it from enemy attacks; it can be possible by different defensive buildings. There is a wide variety of walls, turrets, trenches, dugouts and moreover.

Remember that troops must also protect your base: most often in the game, you will have to hire soldiers and develop them. To create more powerful units, you need to build specific buildings. You can also add unique abilities to your troops; it also requires to create a special construction that will produce unique resources.

The bulk of your army is made up of heavy tanks, robots, and other mechanized troops; combat units differ in range and impact force. Also, each group has different levels of protection and health. You cannot separately control each unit, but you can command an entire group: battles take place automatically, but you need to specify the landing place and attack priorities. The success of the military operation largely depends on the alignment of troops; it is much wiser to put warriors with high stamina and health in the front row of the battle so that they can cover their weaker comrades.

Besides, you need to worry about the economy and resource allocation. Maintaining an army is a costly business; after each battle, you need a lot of money and materials to re-fill the ranks of your fighters. Sources of resources on the map are publicly available. It means that you will not be able to quickly pick up one production point and not worry about its safety: other players will immediately want to steal such accessible resources from you.

But you cannot serve all the problem points at once - and it can be solved. You can join the association of other players, who support each other in battle and share resources. After you enter the Corporation, some social-based features will be opened: for example; you will have access to League competitions, and Corporation chat, where you can communicate with your allies.

If you're new to Battle for the Galaxy, you better join the active alliance. Players are usually friendly to newbies, so you will always have supporters on your side. Remember that joining the coalition, you get not only privileges but also responsibilities: you will need to support allies and defend their bases to protect the welfare of the Corporation.

Battle for the Galaxy is a simple and immersive game, with realistic graphics and dynamic battle mechanics. It's an excellent choice for fans of strategies and management games.

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