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Beyond Divinity Review

By BwwDtt | 11 January 2021
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Beyond Divinity is an old-school isometric RPG, made in the style of the Diablo series.

  • The classless character development system
  • Over 60 hours of gameplay
  • Full interactivity with the environment
  • Great soundtrack
  • Non-linearity in dialogues and quests

Beyond Divinity Description

Beyond Divinity is a storyline continuation of the previous part of the series, which takes place twenty years later. Larian Studios released the game in 2004.

The plot of the project revolves around a servant of the holy paladin who hates and kills necromancers. During one of the battles, the main character is at the mercy of the demon Samuel. With the help of a spell, he manages to send the hero to another universe, where he becomes bound by invisible chains to the death knight, a creation of evil. Now, both of these characters must find a way out together. By controlling them, the player will have to help them decide their future fate; otherwise, they will forever remain at the mercy of the imposed curse of those.

Beyond Divinity Gameplay

Beyond Divinity's gameplay is similar to the classic Diablo-like games, but it also has distinctive features. The gameplay is designed in isometric 2D and will take place mostly in dungeons.

Storyline and side missions

During the adventure, the player will dive into the fascinating story of two characters — companions in captivity. Beyond Divinity tells an exciting storyline that will change depending on the player's decisions at crucial points. Besides, during the journey, the player will encounter many additional information sources that reveal individual characters or tell more about the world's history. The game also has many side quests, which the player receives mostly spontaneously during conversations with various NPCs. It is also worth noting the high replayability of the game because, in addition to non-linearity, Beyond Divinity has technology for generating random quests.

Combat system

Beyond Divinity's battles take place entirely in real-time, but there is one peculiarity - the pause mode, during which the player can re-equip and issue orders. This mechanic adds some element of tactics to real-time battles. The player should also not forget that it's necessary to control at least two and at most five heroes, unlike most RPGs. The player can control the party as a whole, or separately. In addition to regular attacks, it is possible to use pre-assigned skills.

Beyond Divinity Combat system
Clashes with some opponents will require good dexterity and micro-control of the characters.

Classless system and skills

The player is free to be who he wants thanks to the classless system. It provides tremendous opportunities for creating a unique play style.

Beyond Divinity Classless system and skills
The use of any weapon or any equipment is tied to improvement of attributes with an increase in level.

Possessing the necessary characteristics, the player will combine features of various individual classes in every possible way. Beyond Divinity also stands out for its unique skill mechanics. There are 290 different skills in the game. All abilities are divided into sections, sections into subsections, subsections consist of groups, and the groups include specific skills. Apart from this, the player can also customize individual skills parameters, combining various properties, such as accuracy and damage when applied. However, it's worth remembering that the skill's effectiveness and power will cost a lot of stamina or mana. Also, to spend skill points in a particular skill, the player must acqurie knowledge about that ability. Skill branches need to be opened by learning from some mentor or teacher.

Game atmosphere

Beyond Divinity Game atmosphere
This project stands out for its elaborate atmosphere. Each location is worked out and thought out to the smallest detail.

Despite the two-dimensional isometric style, each room and area is high-quality detailed, which allows you to plunge headlong into the world of dark fantasy Beyond Divinity. It is also worth noting the elaboration of character models - each mob and NPC is made with the highest possible quality, and their variety is fantastic. Together with all of the above, the atmosphere is complemented by an excellent soundtrack.

Beyond Divinity System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX compatible 3D card
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
  • File Size: 2300 MB HD space
  • OS: Windows XP