Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online

Black Desert Online and The Elder Scrolls Online are massively multiplayer RPG games in fantasy settings. These projects have large player communities, tons of different PvE and PvP content, and various unique mechanics. Some people wonder which one of these projects better, and it depends on what kind of player are you — whether you prefer to fight with other players or enjoy casual PvE experience, these games have something to offer you.

Briefly about Black Desert Online

Black Desert is a fantasy MMORPG that combines elements of several game genres: real-time strategy, role-playing game and life simulator. A distinctive feature of this project is a large-scale combat system that requires well-coordinated teamwork and correct strategic decisions. Also, the game has a seamless open world, full freedom of character edition and much more.

In BDO, players will have to explore a world filled with unique activities, create different game characters and choose between a dozen playable classes. Battle system of the game is based on a non-targeted combat system, which is similar to single-player action games. The player needs to keep the enemies in sight, strike them and evade their attacks. Black Desert Online is included in the list of the most popular games in the MMORPG genre.

Black Desert Online

Briefly about The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game. As in other games of The Elder Scrolls series, the action takes place on the fictional continent of Tamriel about 1000 years before the events of Skyrim. Many of the influential factions of Sirodil are trying to seize power in the empire, while the planet Nirn is approaching the possessions of the Daedric Prince Molag Ball; taking advantage of this, he is trying to take over Tamriel and make it part of his kingdom.

PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online is designed as a Realm vs Realm battle format. Each faction has its territory, and Syrodiil is a disputed area, where all the battles of PvP happen. The purpose of these battles - to take control of control points, watchtowers and fortresses, and the siege of the fortresses involved hundreds of players.

Elder Scrolls Online

Quest system in Black Desert Online and Elder Scrolls Online

Quests are all kinds of tasks that the main character receives and performs. They are given by different NPCs, can be found in books or obtained during the exploration. The quest is awarded a particular reward.

All plot missions of ESO are played only in single-player mode. Almost all quests, even the simplest ones, develop into interesting in-game events. Moreover, you can use the unique features of the character to persuade or intimidate NPCs. At the same time, all the dialogues, even the smallest lines of an ordinary NPC, are voiced, and each alliance has its unique quests and exclusive locations.

In the Black Desert online, there are many quests, first of all, it is worth to complete quests provided by the game guide Black Spirit, and others will be available during the game. Many missions open in the process of increasing the level of character, craft; for others, you need to achieve points for friendship with the NPC. BDO is not limited to the obligatory performance of tasks and quests. Even without them, any player can develop his character or engage in trade, fishing, cooking, alchemy, etc.

Quests in ESO
The quest system on The Elder Scrolls Skyrim looks like a full-fledged RPG game

After completing quests, you get experience, influence points, materials, various valuable items and other special rewards. It's also the best way to explore the game world.

History missions at BDO have an immersive story to play in. For their completion, the dark spirit offers the most valuable reward. You can get weapons or armour, experience, skill points, expanding equipment slots, inlay stones, scrolls for extra EXP, jewellery and much more. After completing the Black Desert story tasks, you can get several useful items at once.

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Character Customization

Character editor in The Elder Scrolls Online as deep as in other Elder Scrolls games. Imperial race, available in the Imperial Edition, can join any of the available factions. Players who received the Imperial Edition can also choose any of the unions, regardless of the race they choose. Character customization of ESO also allows you to choose the body type and advanced Face Type settings. In this section, you can customize your age, eye colour, which tattoos or jewellery will be on your character, and choose a hairstyle or beard. Here you can also select one of the voices and improve the face of your hero. The nine primary races known from previous games in the series are grouped into the unions (three in each):

  • Daggerfall Covenant — Bretonians, Orcs, Redguards.
  • Aldmeri Dominion — High elves (altmers), forest elves (Bosmers), Khajiits.
  • Ebonheart Pact — Nords, Argonians, Dark elves (dunmers).

Character editor in ESO
Character editor of ESO features all basic races from the previous games of the Elder Scrolls series

To create a character in the Black Desert online, you have to click on the button "Create" in the upper right corner. It's possible to design up to 12 characters at a time, seven slots are free, and the rest can be purchased in the game store.

You can check a brief description of each class, explore battle styles and learn their strengths and weaknesses using the pentagonal chart.
The main stage of the character creation is the adjustment of its appearance: hairstyle, face and body. There are plenty of ready-made models of faces and hairstyles, and an advanced editor which allows players to experiment with the style of the character for a very long time. You can save the result at any time of editing and return it in case of an error. It's also possible to create a preset of your character and share it with other players, or you can use presets made by others.

The button "View" in the upper left corner of the screen is responsible for the direction of your character's view (either he is looking at the mouse cursor or right in front of him). The "Menu" button hides/shows the editor interface. In addition to changing the appearance of the character, you can see how he will look in different lighting conditions.

The next steps to create a character are to specify its future name (bottom right corner, under the last name) and choose a constellation. Depending on the selected constellation, your character will have different relations with the NPC. After choosing a constellation, it will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

After you finish, you will be able to see what your character will look like in different poses and suits. You can do this with the "Actions" function. Once you have decided on the role, you need to click on the "Create" button.

Character Customization in Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online allows to create the most beautiful and unique playable heroes and even share your creations with other players

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Battle System

Battle system in The Elder Scrolls Online is similar to the one used in previous games of the series. The player captures the target pointing at him the sight of the weapon. The character has a skill bar, where you can place five active abilities and one absolute. You can not change the location of the selected skills during the battle. Level 15 allows you to carry two sets of weapons simultaneously and switch between them during the combat.

Each weapon will have its skill bar, which allows you to use up to 10 skills and two absolute abilities in combat. The game has an active block, kicks/throws and interruptions, normal attack and force attack. However, the basic attacks do not inflict much damage to the enemy; to fight more effectively, you must use skills. You can put 1-2 abilities on the skill bar and use them in combat.

As for BDO, the developers managed to make the system Black Desert Online close to single-player games, it is dynamic and not subject to problems with animation, which often interfere with players in other projects. From the first minutes of the game, killing monsters does not seem a routine, as usually happens in MMO: you can aim, choose hideouts, bypass the enemy, combine attacks with blows. You can take a bow and shoot enemies from afar, or fight a crowd near you.

Combat System of Elder Scrolls Online
The combat system of the Elder Scrolls Online was inherited from the previous games of the series, especially TES V: Skyrim

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons and Raids

Dungeons in ESO are places with specific kind of enemies and bosses. The game has Delf, where you can randomly meet other players, Public Dungeons with public competitions, Group Bosses and Group Delf for small groups, more complex tasks for groups in group dungeons. Veteran dungeons are only available for players over level 50; there are also elite Trials and Arenas dungeons with unique combat tasks.

An essential aspect of the dungeon ESO system is the roles that players choose for their adventure. As in any game, each player has the necessary function that will perform its character. Distribution of classes in the combat of The Elder Scrolls Online is much more adaptable than traditional RPG systems. In ESO, players can change their roles during the battle. Using this feature, you can correct the balance of the party and choose any role.

Combat System of Black Desert Online

In Black Desert Online there are no standard dungeons and raids, except with the Guild. Instead, BDO has powerful world bosses with a huge stock of health and an impressive attack. You can earn good money by killing them, as well as fighting with field bosses. World bosses appear on a strictly defined schedule in certain places marked on the world map.

Field bosses in BDO are much easier to kill, but they provide less loot. The health of a field boss is counted separately on each channel, so you can kill a field boss several times by switching to another server. There is no exact schedule because they spawn randomly somewhere in the world. The average spawning frequency once a day.

World bosses in BDO appear simultaneously on all channels. They are cross-server, their health level is general and is reduced by the damage caused by all the players who came into battle. For consistency of actions that led to the murder of the boss, the best warriors are generously rewarded. It's not necessary to join a group since it does not affect the reward.

Raid Boss in Black Desert Online
Bosses are the most fierce and powerful enemies in the Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: PvP

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO that features dynamic PVP system. The war for power covers the land of Sirodiil, caused by the assassination of the Emperor of the region. The three factions are fighting for domination possession of the Ruby Throne, which can be captured and occupied by any player with enough outstanding qualities to lead the allies to victory.

If you join a battle with a lower level, your character's strength increases dramatically. You can easily face an opponent at level 50 without having to worry about being killed instantly. However, a battle with this distribution of power will be quite tricky, as the increase in power only affects characteristics such as Health and Magic; it does not increase the available skill points, so your abilities will be limited. Despite this, the increase in strength is quite useful in warfare.

In BDO, your character will receive an opportunity to attack other players only at level 30 —just like other players who will be able to attack you as well. PvP battles In Black Desert Online are based on guild confrontation too. Fights take place in the open world; their essential elements are siege and territorial battles involving a vast number of players.

The game also features a karma system. The karma is charged for killing players, but if your clans are in the official war, there are no penalties. Penalties are given for killing horses and some NPCs that act like ordinary citizens and don't attack players but are necessary to perform quests. To correct your karma level, you need to kill a lot of monsters, and it's better to do it in the game; it's faster and safer because the character with high karma is an excellent target for hunting players. The higher your level, the more experience you will lose, and the worse your karma, the higher your chances to lose things.

World PvP in BDO

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Social Features

Like many other MMORPG genre games, both of these projects have many different social aspects. Very often, one has to see how other players achieve different goals. For example, the whole system of dungeons and classes is based on the fact that users have to look for characters with varying abilities in the team. The easiest way to find a company in The Elder Scrolls Online is to start communicating with players in the team dungeons. Since you need to cooperate with their forces to complete the task, it will be much easier to start chatting with teammates.

In addition to other social functions, The Elder Scrolls Online has a system that allows you to connect hearts with other players. You can organize a special ceremony, invite your friends, put on costumes and have fun. After the wedding, the couple will receive a special bonus of 10% of additional experience. Unfortunately, Guild Wars 2 does not provide such an opportunity.

As for BDO, after building improvements in the category "Architecture", the Guild can purchase the Guild depository. Its maximum size can reach 250 cells. It is possible to set a limit on what rank members of the Guild can move items "in" and "out" of the depository. Access to the storage can be obtained from the "Bank of the Guild", marked with a sign.

After you build the necessary improvement and communicate with NPC "Guild Register", the Guild can create a logo that will be displayed on the guild flags. After making further improvements, guild members will have access to the NPC "Guild Armorers" and "Guild Weaponsmiths", which sell special items: they allow you to place the guild logo on armour and weapons. Each emblem consists of a monochrome background with a monochrome back symbol in the middle and a two-colour front symbol. In WvWvW mode, the Guild can hang a flag with its logo on the captured objects.

Guilds in BDO is not only military organizations, but also commercial structures and associations of players. Guilds can have unique clan houses, quests and other bonuses.

Each member of the Guild, who does something in the game, is awarded points for the activity in the Guild. Among the activities not related to the Guild, the most significant influence is the increase in the level of the character. For example, you get EXP when you develop a hero or promote professional skills.

The system calculates very well the activity in the Guild to participate in guild quests. It affects the salary of the guild members: it can be doubled if the clan collects a specific amount of EXP - 10 000 points for activity. The activity does not accumulate above this amount, so the manager and his deputies need to monitor the timely renewal of the contract and salary increases.
Guild size affects the available quests - the more the Guild, the more missions are available for it. Most of them are the same as the usual side quests, but some tasks have more monsters to destroy or resources to be extracted in the allotted time. A large guild can also perform small quests, but a small guild has no access to larger quests. The size of the quest depends on how many points the Guild receives.

Even if you are not a member of the Guild, you still have access to many social functions. For example, you can buy several houses in Black Desert Online to get influence points. The house is a perforated room, which can be used as a warehouse, processing shop or living room. You can place several rooms of different players in the same house. It is possible to buy several houses and place furniture in them. The houses are located in every major city. Low-level characters can buy only small rooms, but most of them have good conditions.

Battle system in Elder Scrolls Online

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Endgame Content

In Black Desert Online, there is a vast number of different activities and exciting tasks that form the endgame content. After completing the central part of the game, you can focus on playing in PvP, polishing skills and equipment of your character, or fight with the bosses. There are also various PvP activities in the game - the advanced craft system allows you to hire workers and equip workshops at home with your character, fishing, growing food on the farm and much more.

For many players, one of the complex activities in Black Desert Online has become a system of nodes that facilitate and increase the speed of your game. Nodes in BDO can be trading, manufacturing and resource. For them to work, you will need to activate and link them to the nearest major city. After activating a node, you will be able to send workers there to extract the necessary resources, and by creating a transport network between major cities, you can transport items at a low cost. You can find out what resources can be extracted in the node by simply clicking on it. Node wars take a vast amount of time at the endgame BDO.

The Elder Scrolls Online mainly provides players with the opportunity to explore places familiar with previous games in the series. The game has four complete expansion packages, including Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweir and Graymour. In addition to the significant extensions, the game has many small DLCs with various entertaining content, such as the Thief Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. New locations and quests have been added to the DLC; the game has 20 content packs in total.

Elder Scrolls Online
Player vs Players battles on huge arenas is one of the most immersive and challenging endgame activities of The Elder Scrolls Online

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Music

After the release, Black Desert Online had one of the most advanced graphics; after a while, the game received a remastered version with improved visual quality and many new features. BDO Remastered includes physical rendering, lighting and atmospheric dispersion, volumetric clouds, HDR rendering, post-processing, reflection, ocean rendering and a clothing simulation. The remastering version of the game includes more than 220 music tracks lasting over 660 minutes, seven full albums - one for each continent, recorded by orchestras.

The main tracks of Elder Scrolls Online were created by Brad Derrick; this author composed the soundtracks for all expansions of the project.

Black Desert Online vs Elder Scrolls Online: Graphics and System Requirements

Both Black Desert Online and The Elder Scrolls Online have medium system requirements — basic version of Black Desert requires at least GTS 250 and Intel Core i3, while ESO requires to have at least NVidia GeForce 460 and Intel Core i3 540.

Black Desert Online was initially positioned as the most beautiful MMORPG with a great emphasis on graphics quality. The game features a huge open world filled with a variety of details, photorealistic textures, detailed complex models of characters and armour, and much more. Also, the most famous feature of BDO is its character editor: artists from Pearl Abyss have invested weeks and weeks of work and polishing into it. The original project runs without problems with the medium settings, but the Remastered version on good settings is available only to owners of high-end PCs — if you try to run the Black Desert Online 2018 Remastered on a weak computer, you will have to endure unpleasant FPS drawdown in battles with the bosses.

Black Deser Online Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GTX 970, AMD RX 480
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz
  • File Size: 27 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)

Elder Scrolls Online, like previous games in the series Elder Scrolls, has a recognizable style that distinguishes it from other MMOs. Features of the visual style of the game are authentic HUD inherited from the TES series, simple motion and combat animations, as well as realistic armor and items. This MMORPG can be run with medium-high settings even on an older PC, so you don't have to worry about picture quality. In addition, one of the features of ESO is the ability to install addons that change different aspects of the game. With their help, you can improve the visual style and update the picture, making it more pleasant and less demanding.

The Elder Scrolls Online Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2300
  • File Size: 85 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)

Which One is Better?

If you prefer hardcore gameplay with team-based challenges and complex mechanics, the best choice for you is Black Desert Online. This game has an advanced guild system, deep character customization and large-scale battles which involve dozens of players. However, this game is highly time-consuming since it requires a lot of time to keep up the best equipment and character skills. If you’re looking for an entertaining exploration and adventure in the unique fantasy world, try out Elder Scrolls Online: this game requires much fewer skills and time, but it’s really immersive.

Who is the winner?

Black Desert Online
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The Elder Scrolls Online
46 votes