Black Desert Online VS TERA

Black Desert Online and TERA are free-to-play MMORPG games created by Korean developers. These projects have many similar features in common, such as guild systems, advanced PvP mechanics including epic GvG battles, and plenty of other elements. However, BDO and TERA are not the same game: it may be hard to choose between them for new players.

Briefly about Black Desert Online

Black Desert is a fantasy MMORPG that combines elements of several game genres: real-time strategy, role-playing game and life simulator. The main distinctive feature of this project is a large-scale combat system that requires well-coordinated teamwork and correct strategic decisions. Also, the game features a seamless open world, full freedom of character settings and much more.

In BDO, players will have to explore a world filled with unique activities, create different game characters and choose between a dozen playable classes. Battles in this game are based on a non-targeted combat system, which is similar to single-player action games. The player needs to keep the enemies in sight, strike them and evade their attacks. Black Desert Online is included in the list of the most popular games in the MMORPG genre.

Black Desert Online Screenshot

Briefly about TERA

TERA is a fantasy MMORPG game with a deep storyline, which was released in 2011 by Bluehole Studio. This game has an impressive unique visual style, and its combat system with non-targeted mechanics is one of the best. The world of TERA, Arborea, is made up of two continents, the Shara and Arun, which are divided into four key regions. Most of the world, except for the instant dungeons, is entirely open.

TERA has a large number of different game races, and most of them were developed exclusively for this game. TERA is an MMORPG with a vast number of story quests and dungeons that not only represent the endgame but also reveal the details of the story. The game also has PvP content, including various arenas, open-world events and PK. Previously, PvP content of TERA was linked to the political system, but now this activity is not available in the game.

TERA Screenshot

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Quest System

Quests are all kinds of tasks that the main character receives and performs. They are given by different NPCs, can be found in books or obtained during the exploration.

In TERA, there are not only PvP battles and communication with other players, but also an exciting adventure with many dangers and puzzles. There are story quests with cinematic acronyms, ordinary quests with good rewards, daily and guild quests, pet and boss killing missions and much more.

Quests in TERA are straightforward to complete because the mission description indicates where to look for a target or enemies to kill (they are marked in blue at the bottom of the quest description). In addition to other characteristics, each area on the global map has a designation with the required character level.

In the Black Desert online there are many quests, first of all, is to perform missions from the in-game guide called Black Spirit, and others will be available in the course of the game. Many quests open in the process of growth of the level of character or craft. For others, you need to receive points for friendship with the NPC.

Like many other MMORPG games, BDO is not limited to the obligatory performance of tasks and quests. Even without them, any player can develop his character or engage in trade, fishing, cooking, alchemy, etc.

After completing quests, you get experience, influence points, materials, various valuable items and other special rewards. It is also the best way to explore the game world.

History missions at BDO have a fantastic story to play in. For their performance, the dark spirit offers the most valuable reward. You can get weapons or armour, experience, skill points, expanding equipment slots, inlay stones, scrolls for extra EXP, jewellery and much more. After completing the Black Desert story tasks, you can get several useful items at once.

Quest system in TERA
All questgivers in TERA are marked with a huge yellow exclamation point

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Character Customization

Character editor in BDO allows you to select the body type and advanced Face Type settings. In this section, you can change your age, eye colour, which tattoos will be on your character, choose a beard or a hairstyle. Here you can also select one of the voices and enhance the look of your hero.

One account in Black Desert Online can contain up to 12 characters at a time, seven slots — free, the rest must be purchased in the game store. You can read a description of each class, explore battle styles and learn their strengths and weaknesses using the pentagonal chart. The main stage of the character creation is the adjustment of its appearance: hairstyle, face and body. The game provides models of faces and hairstyles and an advanced editor. You can save the result at any time of editing and return it in case of an error. You can also create a preset of your character and share it with other players, or you can use presets made by others.

The "View" button allows you to change the direction of your character's view. The "Menu" button hides and shows the interface of the editor. In addition to adjusting the appearance of the hero, you can see how he will look in different lighting conditions.

The next steps to create a character are to specify its future name (bottom right corner, under the last name) and choose a constellation. Depending on the selected constellation, your character will have different relations with the NPC. After choosing a constellation, it will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

After you finish, you will be able to see what your character will look like in different poses and suits. You can do this with the "Actions" function. Once you have decided on the role, you need to click on the "Create" button.

Character Customization Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online features one of the most advanced character editors which allows to customize the smallest details of the appearance

TERA has a more traditional class system that defines your position in combat and your skills. You can also choose your race and the appearance of the hero. A more responsible choice, as opposed to racial distribution, is the choice of class for your character. It is this choice that determines the future development of your gameplay.

The game provides a choice of nine classes, which differ from each other by unique sets of skills, as well as gameplay style. But it is impossible to say that some are better than others. All have weaknesses and strengths. You can see the current skills of the classes in the game when creating a character.

  • Baraka — a part of the race of giants of Titus. They collect all information about their own and other races, all historical evidence and equip libraries in all cities where they live. Baraka is always at the forefront of battle and research missions. Their comprehensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to protecting the weak ensure their respect for other races.
  • Aman — When the god Amarun was killed in battle, his breed, the Aman, turned out to be slaves of giants. It took many centuries, the intervention of other gods and the help of the people of Castanic for the Amans to find their freedom. The Amans are the most straightforward and honest creatures in Arboray. They always say what they think and do what they say.
  • Elin — little Elin are powerful like their ancestor goddess, and their main goal is to sweep away everything that threatens nature. Elin are closely associated with Popori, and their loyal allies united with them by a common goal.
  • Popori — once were ordinary tiny animals, but Elin race gave them consciousness. Since then, Popori help their patrons to protect nature. They are kind, complacent, easy-going and rarely depressed and quickly converge with other races.
  • High Elf — many different elven clans milled the millstones of the divine war, which lasted two thousand years. Those who managed to defeat death and forget their dark past decided to call themselves the High Elves.
  • Humans — Human race was cursed by their god-creator. Because of this curse, humanity had to wander for two thousand years without having land or homeland of its own. Only many centuries later, the goddess Velika took pity on people, and with her help, people have built their capital — Velika.
  • Castanic — of all races inhabiting Arboria, the Castansans have the most complicated and challenging fate. Castanic are born without horns; they begin to break through the skin during maturation, causing pain to their owner. They have a severe temperament and passionate character.

Character Customization TERA

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Combat System

The combat system in TERA differs from most other MMORPGs; it is similar to action games with a scope placed in the centre of the screen. Accuracy, time and distance are the main elements of combat: you need to find the target and dodge it in time quickly, and that's all you need to survive.

The combat system is an essential part of TERA. You need to select the direction and click on the opponent to hit the target. For example, you can also run away or jump with the archer's arrows. Even healers don't have to stand still because their skills work at a certain distance. It allows you to fight alone, even the strongest monsters, you need to move and go behind the enemy's back—however, this strategy wouldn't work in melee combat. If you are familiar with the combat system of TERA, you can avoid death from the crowds of people.

On the first levels, players can quickly develop heroes without any help. However, in TERA, there are examples of dungeon zones, where you need to kill the boss and rob valuable rewards. Enemies in the initial dungeons are not very different from ordinary ones. Still, if you have developed to a high level, it is better to form your group wisely, because it is challenging to play without a healer and a good tank.

As for BDO, the developers managed to make the system Black Desert Online close to single games, it is dynamic and not subject to problems with animation, which often interfere with the players in other projects. From the first minutes of the game, killing monsters does not seem a routine, as usually happens in MMO: you can aim, choose hideouts, bypass the enemy, combine jerks with blows. You can take a bow and shoot enemies from afar, or fight a crowd near you.

Combat System in BDO

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Dungeons and Raids

When you reach the 20th level in TERA, you will receive access to the first dungeon. After that, you will be able to use the dungeon selection to find teammates. To start searching for dungeons, click on the red door icon under the radar or open it in the dungeon selection menu. Decide to choose dungeons, click on the search, and you only have to wait for a group of players who want to join you. After the team is formed, you can enter the dungeons.

When finishing your work in the dungeon, try not to be too far away from other players and play your role clearly (if you play as a support, you shouldn't try to perform the functions of a tank), and follow the instructions of the group leader. There are dozens of dungeons in the game, and they all have different awards for completion.

In Black Desert Online there are no standard dungeons or raids, except with the Guild. Instead, BDO has powerful world bosses with a huge stock of health and an impressive attack. You can earn good money by killing them, as well as fighting with field bosses. World bosses appear on a strictly defined schedule in certain places marked on the world map.

Field bosses in BDO are faster to kill, but they provide much less loot. As for their spawning, there is no exact schedule, and they spawn by accident somewhere in the world—the average spawning frequency is once a day. The health of the field boss on each channel is counted separately, so you can kill a field boss several times by switching to another server.

World bosses in BDO appear simultaneously on all channels. They are cross-server, the health level of the general and is reduced by the damage caused by all the players who came into battle. For consistency of actions that led to the murder of the boss, the best warriors are generously rewarded. Being a member of a raid or group is not necessary because it does not affect the reward.

Boss Fight in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online VS TERA: PvP

There are several types of servers in TERA, most of them are PvP, and the rest are PvE. On PvP servers, you can kill other players unlimitedly, which is not working on PvE servers, where you can only fight by mutual consent. And as for clan wars, it is also elementary, the guilds created here must enter the war manually.

After your character in BDO reaches 30 lvl, you will be able to attack other players. PvP battles in Black Desert Online are based on confrontation guilds. Fights take place in the open world, and the siege and territorial battles involving a vast number of players is the essential element. The game also has a karma system. Karma is charged for killing players; however, if your clans are in an official war, there are no penalties. Penalties are given for killing horses and some NPCs that act like ordinary citizens and don't attack players but are necessary to perform quests.

To improve your karma level, you need to kill a lot of monsters, and it's better to do it in the game; it's faster and safer because the character with high karma is an excellent target for hunting players. The worse your level, the more experience you will lose after death.

PvP system in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Social Features

TERA provides fewer opportunities for social interaction than BDO. There is only communication and search for teammates: you can organize a group to perform tasks together, join the Guild or find it, as well as chat in personal or world chat. You can also add other players to friend list to quickly invite them to a raid or a group.

Guilds in BDO are not only and not only military organizations, but also commercial structures and associations of interested players. Guilds can have unique clan houses, exclusive quests and other bonuses.

Every member of the Guild, who does something in the game, is awarded points for the activity in the Guild. Among the activities not related to the Guild, the most significant influence is the increase in the level of the character. For example, you get EXP when you develop a hero or promote professional skills.

In BDO, after building improvements in the category "Architecture", the Guild can purchase the guild depository. Its maximum size can reach 250 cells. It is possible to set a limit on what rank members of the Guild can move items "in" and "out" of the depository. Access to the storage can be obtained from the "Bank of the Guild", marked with a sign.

After you build the necessary improvement and communicate with NPC "Guild Register", the Guild can create a logo that will be displayed on the guild flags. After making further improvements, guild members will have access to the NPC "Guild Armorers" and "Guild Weaponsmiths", which sell special items: they allow you to place the guild logo on armour and weapons. In WvWvW mode the Guild can hang a flag with its logo on the seized items.

The Guild size affects the available quests - the larger the Guild, the more missions are available for it. Most of them are the same as the usual side quests, but some tasks have more monsters to destroy or resources to be extracted in the allotted time. A large guild can also perform small missions, but a small guild has no access to more challenging quests. The size of the task depends on how many points the Guild receives.

Even if you are not a member of the Guild, you still have access to many social functions. For example, you can buy several houses in Black Desert Online to get influence points. The house is a perforated room, which can be used as a warehouse, processing shop or living room. You can place several rooms of different players in the same house. It is possible to buy several rooms and place furniture in them. The houses are located in every major city. Low-level characters can afford only small spaces, but most of them have pleasant conditions.

Quest system in TERA

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Endgame Content

Black Desert Online has a vast number of different activities and exciting tasks that form the endgame content. After completing the central part of the game, you can focus on playing in PvP, developing skills and equipment of your hero, or fight with the bosses. There are also various PvP activities in the game — the advanced craft system allows you to hire NPC workers and equip workshops at home, fishing, growing food on the farm and much more.

For many players, one of the complex activities in Black Desert Online has become a system of nodes that facilitate and increase the speed of your game. Nodes in BDO can be trading, manufacturing and resource. For them to work, you will need to activate and link them to the nearest major city. After activating a node, you will be able to send workers there to extract the necessary resources, and by creating a transport network between major cities, you can transport items at a low cost. You can find out what resources can be extracted in the node by simply clicking on it. Node wars take a vast amount of time at the endgame BDO.

All additions to MMORPG TERA are free, both major extensions Rising and Fate of Arun are available for all players. Expansion packages are installed automatically after release.

Black Desert Online VS TERA: Graphics and System Requirements

At the time of release, Black Desert Online had one of the best graphics. Over the years, the project received a remastered version with improved visual quality and many new features. Black Desert Online 2018 Remastered includes physical rendering, improved lighting and atmospheric dispersion, volumetric clouds, HDR rendering, improved post-processing, improved reflection and surface shading, improved ocean rendering and a clothing simulator. The remastered version of the game includes more than 220 music tracks lasting over 660 minutes, seven full albums - one for each continent, recorded by orchestras.

Black Desert Online was initially positioned as the most beautiful MMORPG with a great emphasis on graphics quality. The game features a huge open world filled with a variety of details, photorealistic textures, detailed complex models of characters and armour, and much more. Also, the most famous feature of BDO is its character editor: artists from Pearl Abyss have invested weeks and weeks of work and polishing into it. The original project runs without problems with the medium settings, but the Remastered version on good settings is available only to owners of high-end PCs — if you try to run the Black Desert Online 2018 Remastered on a weak computer, you will have to endure unpleasant FPS drawdown in battles with the bosses.

Black Desert Online Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GTX 970, AMD RX 480
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-650 3.2GHz
  • File Size: 27 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)

TERA has a specific visual style which is common to the Korean MMORPG games. The semi-realistic graphics with details inspired by anime looks simple and pleasant, and game on low settings runs even on weak computers. However, in order to see the beauty of TERA you need a powerful enough PC. The game features simple animations and lush detailed visual effects that make the TERA combat system incredibly beautiful. The world of Tera is filled with deep saturated colors and detailed beautiful skies and landscapes, which looks like they were taken from the anime made by Makoto Shinkai.

Both Black Desert Online and TERA have medium system requirements — basic version of Black Desert requires at least GTS 250 and Intel Core i3, while TERA requires Intel i3 7100 with GeForce GTX 760 to play.

TERA Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 450/Radeon HD 4890 1GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3570/AMD FX 6350
  • File Size: 60 GB
  • OS: Win 7/8/10 (64-bit)

Which One is Better?

Black Desert Online and TERA are equally good in terms of gameplay. If you're looking for a good PvP game with epic battles and complex guild system, you can pick Black Desert Online. If you like PvE challenges, complex boss raids and Anime-inspired style games, you may like to try TERA. Both of these games are free-to-play and have low system requirements, which allows to run them even on weak computers.

Who is the winner?

Black Desert Online
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