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Bleach Online Review

By sxweb | 26 July 2019
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Bleach Online is a browser-based fighter game in setting of one of the most famous anime series, the Bleach.

  • Detailed anime picture
  • Lots of familiar characters
  • Dozens of locations taken from anime
  • Simple and entertaining turn-based battles

Bleach Online Gameplay

Until 2016, Bleach had already come out in the form of Japanese manga, received four full-length films, an animated series, several game adaptations, and even musicals. Most of the works describe adventures of the main character of the manga, Ichigo Kurosaki. The browser game of the same name immerses itself in the form of a new story, where the familiar protagonist is the only non-player character and teacher.

The player chooses a character representing one of the three game factions:
· Shinigami, an analog of a warrior. Guides of souls, with steel swords.
· Quincy, similar to archers. Human mediums capable of seeing evil spirits.
· Arrancar resembling a berserk. These are angry ghosts who managed to return to the world of the living.

The character appears in a peaceful zone. It's surrounded by blacksmiths and teachers, advising on how to handle a weapon, which buttons to push, and how to put on equipment. Here, they teach newcomers magical techniques and also hire assistants who join the team. All the starting specializations are fighters with physical damage, but among allies, with artificial intelligence, there are tanks, magicians, murderers, and healers. Their power grows with the power of the hero and is marked with asterisks. One star can be compared with the rank of a private, and five - with the title of a general.

In Bleach, battles take place in dungeons where players go to gain experience and find artefacts. They fight against the Empty, who are lost souls that have become evil ghosts. During a step-by-step battle, participants inflict damage alternately, filling up a strip of energy. The use of skills and spells reset it. Up to level 20, all conditional restrictions can be forgotten. Enemies are harmless and die in seconds. But when the opportunity to create clans opens up, the power of opponents increases dramatically.

Squad members fight automatically without a player; however, this option can be disabled. Computer-controlled soldiers will continue to perform actions on their own, and the playable character will wait ten seconds for instructions. It allows you to choose a target for your attack, use an ability, or carry out a simple strike to conserve energy to activate a super attack. To get out of the massacre with minimal losses, you need to arrange teammates on the battlefield properly. In the first row, guys with a lot of health and protection should stay. Behind them, there is a good place for archers and warriors. At the very end, doctors and wizards should be, making it challenging for opponents to reach them.

People join guilds to communicate with other players, share resources and mercenaries. They unite in groups for the passage of the Tower of tests and participation in clan wars. The honest slaughter for huge rewards takes place every week. Winners receive a lot of gold and experience, as well as the legendary five-star fighters. The remaining participants are content with modest prizes.

Bleach return you into familiar landscapes and majestic paintings and pleases with smooth animation and authentic sketching of people and monsters. Fans, observing the title with warm feelings, will remember their favourite series, and ordinary players will want to get acquainted with the franchise.