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Blightbound Review

By BwwDtt | 17 June 2020
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Blightbound is a multiplayer dungeon crawler that tells the story about the hard journey of three heroes that go to the heart of the Blight, a mysterious fog that covered their land.

  • Stunning visual style
  • Team-based gameplay
  • Simple class system
  • Unique gameplay mechanics

Blightbound Gameplay

Blightbound is a multiplayer fantasy dungeon crawler game with stunning visual stylistic. The developers announced online and local cooperative modes, over 20 heroes with unique skills, hundreds of different items for collecting and crafting, and an opportunity to develop the refuge.

The project offers classic dungeon crawler gameplay and a dramatic storyline about a heavy responsibility that fell on the shoulders of three heroes; the main characters must go to the centre of the mysterious Blight fog that has enveloped the territory of their native land. During the gameplay, players can assemble a squad of a wide variety of available characters. At the moment, there are twenty heroes with exclusive skills and abilities. Also, heroes can develop and improve with the help of specific objects and artefacts that can be found in the dungeons. It's also possible to hire the artisans and strengthen your base in the mountains, which allows creating new items and train heroes! Another feature is hunting contracts, which provides players with additional bonuses.

You can play Blightbound in a group of three people, both using local and online multiplayer. There are three classic classes available for players, and each one has different characteristics. You can choose between the warrior, mage and murderer. The goal of all players is to clean up dungeons fighting numerous monsters and bosses. The teamwork is a vital part of the game: the better you perform the chosen role, the faster your abilities will be charged. The warrior must protect the allies, the mage is a healer of the party, and the assassin destroys all enemies on the path of the company.