Blightbound received an update with a new location and heroes

Blightbound Dungeon Crawler Game Wolfpack Update 0.3

Cooperative Dungeon Crawler game Blightbound has received the second major update "Wolfpack" since its release in early access. It added a new dungeon Clipping Blight, located in the lands of Underhold. In this location, the players will have to fight with the elite enemies serving Byrinth and receive a valuable award. A complete list of the patch changes can be found on the official Steam page of Blightbound.

In addition to the new location, the recent update added two additional characters which are now available for the team. Matriarch Wodania uses smoke bombs for battles; her son named Karrogh fights in the first rows of the fight, cheering up his allies with the warcry and crushing his powerful weapon down on the enemies.