Blightbound will be released in early access stage

Blightbound early access release

Ronimo Games studio (developers of the Awesomenauts) has announced the release date of a cooperative dungeon-crawler game Blightbound. Their new multiplayer RPG will be released on early access on July 29, 2020, and will be distributed on Steam.

In Blightbound, you'll be able to explore manually created dungeons, fight against monsters to collect items, and develop the playable heroes. Each player on the battlefield has a different gameplay role which depends on the class you choose. There are three classic choices in the game: warrior, assassin or mage.

The game takes place decades after a group of warriors defeated the mighty Shadow Titan. When the monster fell, Blight broke free from his broken body. This fog kills living creatures and turns them into evil monsters. The player's goal is to reach the heart of the Blight and save the world.