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Blood and Soul Review

By Lissabonfox | 12 March 2020
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Blood and Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG in a setting of romantic fantasy world developed by a Chinese company KongZhong and released in 2011.

  • Target battle system
  • Unique levelling
  • Wide character development
  • High social rate

Blood and Soul Gameplay

Blood and Soul is a representative of classic eastern MMORPGs where players develop their characters while exploring the game's world and going through the dungeons with other players. There are world quests, guild quests, events, random quests and privileged ones.

The world of Blood and Soul has three levels: Heaven, Hell and Earth, all of the game's events are happening on Earth. The war between Heaven and Hell lies in the base of the plot. This MMORPG holds a leveling up system that is different from the most representatives of the genre. The players' character gets to choose the class only when they reach level 20. When players reach level 60, they can enable the extended class features that provide more possibilities for exploring the full world of Blood and Soul.

There are four main classes in Blood and Soul, and each one has two branches. Classes follow the classical pattern of damage division and dealing: warriors usually perform as tanks, mages and archers deal damage from the distance and bards are meant to heal and support the party.

An essential trait of the game is a high socializing rate. Many game features cannot be fully explored without connecting with other players in the world. Blood and Soul provides a multitude of social opportunities and events such as celebrations, weddings, player-to-player interactions, and a unique elven pet supporters system that can only be improved by breeding your pet with other players' pets. Elven pet supporters help the player to become more powerful to overcome harder quests and dungeons. In order to get a strong elf companion, the player will have to carefully select and breed it until the perfect result is reached.

The players' community widely supports Blood and Soul's romantic setting. It opens a wide spectre of new possibilities in case of unique world quests that can be done in couples. Quests involve close interactions between male and female characters, cooperative fights and puzzles. Finishing the quests grants exclusive rewards for both parties, such as weapons, clothing, armour, pets and mounts. You can also learn new skills after completing the questlines.

Blood and Soul also includes the PvP system. However, if the player decides to fight against other players, he loses the Moral points. Lesser Moral status makes characters around more aggressive and it can lead to the player losing his inventory items after death. PvP can be enjoyed on the battlefields for guilds without losing the Moral points, they are available for a limited amount of time and require the player to be in a specific kind of guild that's "on war".

In-game money can be earned by gathering resources or crafting the armour, weapons and items for character empowerment. There is also an all-purpose shop where many other features can be purchased, such as mounts, pets, runes etc. Using the items that can be bought in the shop makes the game more comfortable as it makes the levelling process faster. But it is not necessary to use it. Players can craft all of the game's special items without paying an extra, using in-game resources and mechanics. Such items can be sold on the market for significant amounts of gold.

Blood and Soul Classes

Blood and Soul has four main classes that player can choose.

  • Mage — the main damage dealer in the party. This class uses powers of spirits and nature to attack the enemy.
  • Warrior — usually acts as a tank or damage dealer. Wears heavy armour and has an increased health capacity.
  • Archer — a secondary damage dealer that can attack from the furthest points of the battlefield.
  • Bard — acts as a healer and supports the party with empowering spells.

Blood and Soul System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 10.0
  • CPU: DualCore 2,0 HGz
  • File Size: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista