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Blood of Steel Review

By BwwDtt | 27 October 2020
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Blood of Steel is a medieval MOBA in a fantasy setting with role-playing elements with a third-person view.

  • Unique gameplay that combines RTS and MOBA mechanics
  • Wide Variety of Game Modes and Maps
  • Low entry threshold
  • Authentic Medieval Setting

Blood of Steel Gameplay

Blood of Steel is a unique multiplayer project developed by the Chinese studio YC Games in October 2020. The creators managed to competently combine the elements of RTS and MOBA in the game by using the key mechanics of both genres. The game setting represents medieval times while combining small pieces of fantasy.

The game allows you to become one of the legendary generals of world history and join the battle for them side by side with your army. As a commander, the player will lead them into epic battles, and will also be able to take part in a real medieval duel, experiencing the role of a brave knight.

The gameplay in Blood of Steel takes place from the third person, where on a conditional battlefield the player takes control of one commander of his choice, as well as his army. The fundamental goal for each of the modes will be the victory over the enemy army, achieved in different ways.

Control is carried out using standard WASD navigation keys, as well as hotkeys and a mouse. During the battle, the player will have access to various abilities, as well as a separate panel of hotkeys for controlling combat units.

The storyline of Blood of Steel

There is no storyline in BOS, but the developers offer players to write their own story. With the help of legendary generals who have returned from the history of all nations, the player will be able to gather his army of the best of the best and create his legend and tale about it on the Steel Land. However, at a particular stage of the game, the player will have access to small story campaigns related to the battles of certain generals. Missions of a certain difficulty level will be available on different continents and in other provinces.

Storyline of Blood and Steel
The large outline map contains various story missions in different provinces.

In-game tutorial in Blood of Steel

Blood of Steel has a low entry threshold as it includes an in-game tutorial that introduces beginners to the basics of the game. At the beginning of the game, a guide appears in front of the player. He will briefly introduce the interface of the main menu and then direct you to the training mission for the class. In this mission, the user learns in detail the basics of controlling both the main character and his combat units. Further training takes place already in the PvP mode, where the player will understand the importance of the preliminary strategy, as well as coordination during the battle with other users.

Blood of Steel In-game tutorial
Highlighted markers allow you to quickly navigate the interface.

After some time, the player gains access to training missions for an archer and a mounted general. If the player does not understand something, or the explanations from the tutorial were not enough, the game has the F9 key, which gives tips and advice during the game. Besides, auxiliary windows are displayed continuously in the game, explaining the goals of a particular game mode, as well as the techniques and abilities of the selected class.

Basic game mechanic

The main game mechanic is divided into two fundamental processes: fighting for the commander of the army and managing your combat. By choosing the desired commander from the wide selection provided by the BoS, the player can immediately rush into battle. The controls here are no different from the classic third-person MOBAs. The user is given a choice of several styles of play at once, depending on preferences. He can lead his army and fight side by side, or command it from afar. Also, people familiar with this genre, as well as BOS professionals, can afford to independently carry out critical objectives, as well as essential combat work.

The Blood of Steel combat system during the fights for the commander of the army deserves a separate mention. The attacking mechanic was directly borrowed from the acclaimed Mount & Blade series. Shots and blockings are directed here and given on four different sides. The direction is done by moving the mouse in the side you want to attack or block. Also, the basic mechanics have been improved. Elements such as block break, roll, dash attack, high-speed attack, massive hit and combo techniques were added to it. Thanks to all of the above elements, each player will be able to feel a completely new and varied medieval combat experience, as well as create their combat playstyle.

In addition, each of the heroes has unique activated abilities. They allow you to gain an advantage and turn the tide of battle. An example is King Richard the First, whose charged ability allows you to utter a battle cry, which lowers the defence of enemy soldiers in the vicinity. Some abilities do not require a charge and are available immediately, but they need a recharge time to reactivate.

Combat units are controlled by four hotkeys - F1, F2, F3 and F4. F1 gives the order to follow the general. F2 is a key that guides the squad to a specific point. After clicking, a transparent marker appears, by moving which the player will be able to indicate which position his units should take. F3 will allow you to give an order for a directed attack on enemy units. F4 is responsible for the retreat.

Each general has abilities that apply to his army. They are used situationally and help tilt the current battle in your favour. Among these abilities, one can note the synchronicity and point the direction of the shots along with the archer commander.

An order of Caesar on the battle formation in a testudo, which allows the army to defend against arrows. In the course of the battle in Blood of Steel, you must not forget about your subordinates and promptly give competent instructions. The manifestation of leadership qualities and good tactical thinking will allow you to get by with fewer losses and will be guaranteed to lead to success.

The class system in Blood of Steel

Blood of Steel has implemented three main classes of playable commanders: warrior, rider and archer. For each of them, a separate small training mission was worked out, in which the guide introduces the player to the peculiarities of the game mechanic for a particular class. Subordinate units will always have the same type as their general.


The warrior here appears to be afoot unit, fighting in close range side by side with their team. The skills of these characters are aimed at supporting their subordinates, as well as nearby debuffing opponents. Representatives of this class can fight with a battle-axe, a Dao sword, a spear, crushing weapons, etc. Besides, some members of this class have ranged secondary armaments.

Blood of Steel Warrior Class
One of the representatives of the warrior class is Caesar. To the right of the character there is the basic information about the hero and his troops.

This class is suitable for beginners since it satisfies almost all conditions of maps of various landscapes. Also, it takes a minimum of time to master it.


Cavalry class played on horseback. It is possible to dismount if necessary and fight on foot. Most of the skills of this class are aimed at buffing subordinate units.

Blood of Steel Rider Class
It's a situational class recommended in open areas. In his arsenal, he is mainly armed with various types of polearms.

Recommended for advanced players as it requires simultaneous control of the horse and directed attacks. In addition, this class can be ineffective in specific game modes, such as siege, as well as in certain types of terrain.


The archer class is a support class and usually appears alongside the warrior class. In his arsenal, he has various types of ranged weapons, such as bows and arrows, as well as crossbows. The skills of the commanders of this class are aimed at supporting subordinates.

Blood of Steel Archer Class
Archers need to be in high and hard-to-reach positions for greater territorial control and security.

This class is recommended for advanced users, as it requires the accuracy of shots, as well as knowledge of the terrain of the maps to select the most advantageous positions.

The critical strategic aspect of Blood of Steel

The main guarantee of victory in Blood of Steel is a brilliant strategy and a well-defined plan.Before starting a battle, the player will see a preliminary preparation for combat interface. It will display a map showing the area of ​​combat as well as features of the surrounding landscape. At this point, the player will be able to think over a strategy for further battle. There is an opportunity to decide on the game commander who, in the player's opinion, will be most suitable for the circumstances. For example, if the hostilities are conducted in an open area, then the player should take the cavalry. Conversely, it would be best if you refrained from the cavalry in confined and the mountainous regions, preferring to choose archers instead, to take an advantageous position for shelling from above.

Also, at the bottom of the screen, it's possible to select consumables for the current battle. Consumables are a vital aspect of the game as they help in difficult situations. There are different types of these materials: first aid kits, buffs, enemy debuffs, etc. An intelligent choice of consumables before the battle will help the player avoid death, as well as help his squad during the war with the enemy.

In Blood of Steel, the mechanics of markers and the primary spawn of the squad were developed for the most collective work and a full understanding of strategic actions. The commanders of one side can indicate in advance the desired location of the initial deployment. Besides, with the help of a marker, they can show the position that they are going to take during the battle.

Strategic Gameplay in Blood of Steel
The time devoted to preparing the players should be spent on developing a plan and choosing a hero suitable for a particular landscape.

Success in battle will not depend on the prestige of the commander or the number of troops. Victory can only be achieved through teamwork, thoughtful strategy and tactical prowess during the battle. Do not forget to use the features of the landscape, since certain conditions can drastically change the course of the fight, or give a great initial advantage over the enemy army.

The visual component of Blood of Steel

The game is made in a beautiful medieval setting in keeping with historical accuracy. The faces of the main characters have been altered, but they are as close as possible to historical figures. The same can be said for the equipment and weapons of units. The detailed study of the critical features of combat platoons is pleasing to the eye.

Visual Component in Blood of Steel
The time devoted to preparing the players should be spent on developing a plan and choosing a hero suitable for a particular landscape.

The developers faithfully reproduced the appearance of each army in different provinces. The graphics are also lovely. Each map has been worked out in detail so that the landscape inside it does not seem the same type. For certain areas, a unique flora corresponding to them was worked out. Models and textures have received a lot of attention to detail. Also, one of the main features is the mechanics of the dynamic change of weather conditions, which not only wholly modifies the visual component but also affects the course of the battle. For example, snowfall limits visibility and reduces the accuracy of fighters' strikes. During the battle, players will also interact directly with the terrain. On specific maps of Blood of Steel, the developers have implemented unique conditions that affect both the player and his army. For example, in some places, there is a swampy area that significantly impedes movement. Or hills that climb more slowly and descend faster than average walking speed.

Donation system

The game has a donation system with a vast in-game store. Blood of Steel allows players to buy everything they want instantly for real money if they don't want to grind.

Donation system in Blood of Steel
Depending on the user's play style, the game recommends certain products in the appropriate tab.

Loot boxes purchased for donated currency contain a massive variety of beautiful and unique skins that stand out from the gaming style. There are both general loot boxes and individual loot boxes for specific characters. Battle Passes are a paid incentive mechanic, similar to achievement and quest mechanics. The player receives rewards according to the same principle of completing specific tasks, but the rewards themselves are more valuable and unique.

Donation system in Blood of Steel
A side-by-side comparison of the free Battle Pass rewards and the paid Battle Pass rewards.

There are also separate tabs for buying specific skins, characters, accessories, emotes and items. They are more expensive than loot boxes since in this case the player immediately purchases the desired product. This includes special offers, which are lucrative temporary promotions for the purchase of certain heroes with skins, as well as valuable items. This game also has DLC, the number of which plans to replenish over time. They work on the principle of lucrative temporary in-game offers, but their purchase is not limited by the period.

Donation system in Blood of Steel
Now, you can buy the hero Richard the First - an excellent commander to start with, with great survivability and good damage after using his skills.

Donation here is cosmetic and also saves a lot of time. However, Blood of Steels` donation system does not affect in-game balance.

Side game mechanics

There are many different mechanics in Blood of Steel that set it apart from other projects of this type.

Player Level Up System

By spending time in countless battles, the player will gain experience. Along with this, the level of the gaming profile will also grow. This feature allows for better matchmaking in PvP by placing users of approximately the same level in the lobby. Besides, levelling up unlocks new game modes, such as the massive 10v10 battle, as well as access to story missions and much more.

Achievements and quests

The game has a wide variety of achievements and quests. Some of them are permanent and are performed during an extended play. These include the achievement of a certain amount of killed enemy units by any class, as well as the achievement of a certain level. Besides, there are also temporary quests that are updated after some time. This is one of the ways developers reward players for playing Blood of Steel consistently. During the daily game visit, various rewards will be given, such as materials, consumables and skins. A good activity is also rewarded: the more daily quests a player completes, the more chests with rewards he will receive for filling the activity bar.

System of Quests in Blood of Steel
Now, you can buy the hero Richard the First - an excellent commander to start with, with great survivability and good damage after using his skills.

Quests have their own gradation of value. More valuable ones will take more time to complete, but the reward will be appropriate. Achievements work like quests, but they take longer to complete and may require good skills to complete.

System of Achievements in Blood of Steel
The game has a large number of achievements divided into different categories

Character and game profile customization

Blood of Steel provides ample opportunities for customization and personalization of both a personal profile and each of the playable generals.

Character and Profile customization in Blood of Steel
The game has a large number of achievements divided into different categories

The game has a huge variety of different profile icons, as well as borders for it. Some of them are static; some have their beautiful animation. You can get these icons in different ways. Most of them are purchased for in-game currency, as well as for donation. In addition, some borders and icons can be obtained by completing various achievements. The character customization system is much larger and allows you to change both exclusive skins, and separately each of their weapons and items of equipment. As in the case of profile personalization, you can get skins in different ways: through donation, purchase with in-game currency, and completing quests and achievements. Blood of Steel also introduced the mechanic of loot boxes, an opening which, the player can get skins of various rarities.

Character and Profile customization in Blood of Steel
The editor where you can choose skins of various rarities for a character. Some of them can be obtained free of charge for a certain period.


The game often hosts events dedicated to some event, as well as large-scale tasks. For example, inviting friends to the game within a set time frame will be rewarded with valuable skins and characters, or participating in rated battles, which will allow you to get free supplies.

Event System in Blood of Steel
A window of currently running events in which the player can take part.

Friends, mentors and clans system

Blood of Steel has implemented high-quality social interaction mechanics between players. If desired, users who like their partners in the game can rate them after the battle, as well as add them as friends. The friends' system allows you to complete team quests, as well as play Pvp in a group. The mentor system is useful for beginners, as it allows you to choose one of the experienced players as a master. This collaboration is mutually beneficial, as both sides receive unique awards. Besides, with the help of the mentor, the player will be able to get to know the game faster.

Friends, mentors and clans in Blood of Steel
Mentor rating window. Here the player can ask to become an apprentice to the proposed masters, as well as personally become a mentor.

The Blood of Steel clan system is implemented in the classic MMO style and allows players to unite in large communities. Large-scale battles take place between the clans, as well as competition for places in the overall clan rating. Active clans, as well as their members, receive unique rewards for their military merit.

Rating of the server clans in Blood of Steel
The window of the general rating of the server clans. Here you can send a request to join the desired clan, as well as create your own.

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  • Mount & Blade Warband is a computer RPG game developed by the Turkish company TaleWorlds. It shares a lot of similarities with Blood of Steel, as it is one of those games that BOS developers were inspired by. First of all, it is worth noting the identical combat mechanics and control of the main character. The battles are also similar: they take place in real-time on a conditional battlefield. It also combines the mechanics of real-time command and control of troops and parallel side-by-side combat with them. Mount & Blade has both single and multiplayer modes. The game is recommended to all those who are BOS fans.
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Blood of Steel System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 430 or AMD HD5550
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4-Core Processor and above
  • File Size: 25 GB available space
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista Windows 7/8/10

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD HD7850
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4-Core Processor and above
  • File Size: 25 GB available space
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista Windows 7/8/10