The boss from Black Desert is now a playable character in Shadow Arena

Hexe Marie Shadow Arena and Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss announced the installation of the next update for the battle royale game Shadow Arena. Its main innovation is a new playable character called Hexe Marie — she was the boss in another project of Pearl Abyss, fantasy MMORPG Black Desert.

The nineteenth character of Shadow Arena uses a variety of close combat attacks, but she also can apply skills from a far distance. Her primary ability is the magic of necromancy, with the help of which she can create an army of skeletons from dead mobs and players. This hero alone is relatively weak, so the main tactic in the game for her is to collect the troops and power at the beginning of the battle.

Hexe Marie is a witch instilling terror on all inhabitants of Serenade lands. According to rumours of travellers, only the sight of this witch petrifies any person on the spot. In fact, as the raid boss, Hexa Marie is not very powerful: In Black Desert Online you can kill her with one character in a few minutes, the main thing is to be the 50th level because this witch also has a 50 level.

Hexe Marie Shadow Arena
This is how dreadful witch Hexe Marie looked like in fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online

Hexe Marie's minions are very strong, but it will take time and effort to create an army. Thus, the players who choose Hexe Marie will need to survive for enough time to gather a large army of skeletons. As a last resort, this hero can also blow up her army or bring down shells of darkness on approaching enemies.

Shadow Arena is a free battle royale game from Pearl Abyss, which was initially a playable game mode in the MMORPG Black Desert. This project was released in early access on May 21st, 2020 and since then it's regularly updated with new content.