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Bouboum Review

By BwwDtt | 10 September 2020
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Bouboum is a casual multiplayer game, similar to the genre of "Bomberman". Your goal is to set bombs, kill your opponents, and avoid the traps set by other players.

  • Customizable Playable Characters
  • Quick Matches filled with Action
  • Simple Controls
  • Immersive Gameplay Mechanics

Bouboum Gameplay

Bouboum is a fun browser game that allows players to spend time enjoying the simple and challenging gameplay. When you play this game, you should create a strategy for your actions and adapt to the environment to win. You will have to run around different locations with explosives in your hands, search for the useful surprises and additional items that will make the game more diverse and fascinating. You can play online, calling opponents to the fight from all over the world. Thanks to the easy child-friendly controls, you will quickly adapt to the gameplay and blow up all your rivals.

The playable character is a small hamster with a bomb, and your goal is simple: to survive and blow everyone on your way to victory. Each map is generated randomly. At the beginning of each round, a white circle will indicate the point of your spawn. The round ends when everyone dies, or at the end of 2 minutes. At the end of the match, blocks will start to appear. If one of the blocks spawns on your hero, you lose. The smaller the territory, the faster blocks will appear, which makes it harder to survive. It's also necessary to avoid the fire that starts after the explosion. When a bomb appears, you can run away in 4 directions: up, left, right, and down. If you are hit by fire, you die and can not play until the next round.

Bouboum features four game modes with different challenges.

  • Normal — classic matches with ten rounds, which last around two minutes.
  • Ranked mode — battles with users of similar skill and rank.
  • Arena mode — 5v5 competition involving the Red and Blue teams.
  • Duel mode — 1v1 battle with another player.

The bomb is the primary weapon used in the game because players use it in every match. Bombs destroy the environment and cause damage to all opponents; there are different types of explosives with various features. Usually, after installation, it explodes in 5 seconds, but it depends on the kind of bomb. At the beginning of every new round, players receive the bombs which can be set on the map cells using the Space key. As you open up new types of bombs, the number of available bombs increases. Weapons can also be improved with unique bonuses, which can be found randomly on the map.

You can't pass a bomb on the map, because its properties are considered as a blocking obstacle.

  • Normal bomb — Regular bomb which kills enemies and destroys several types of blocks.
  • Star bomb — Advanced bomb which explosion time randomly vary from 0 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Eco bomb — Randomly created destructible bombs after the explosion.
  • Confetti bomb — Creates the random explosion chain.
  • Ultra bomb — destroys indestructible bombs.
  • Nuclear bomb — the most deadly bomb which creates chain explosions and clears the lines of blocks.
  • Dangerous bomb — destroys several blocs in a row and damages players through the blocks.

Bouboum has several skins, which the player can buy through the store using the in-game currency hazelnuts. Using any cosmetic items does not give any advantages in the gameplay. You can get nuts from blocks that you blow up and players that you kill. No one but you can see and raise the currency you get, but bombs can blow them up.