Brawlhalla received a Patch 4.07 with a new hero

Mako the Shark Brawlhalla 2020 Patch 4.07

Ubisoft has announced an update for the free-to-play 2D fighting platformer Brawlhalla, which will add a new playable hero. This character is called Mako, Poseidon's youngest daughter and the Queen of Atlantis who prefers to use a two-handed sword and Katars. In addition to the new legend, the game received a second season of Synthwave battle pass containing 85 levels, exclusive awards and missions. New customisation elements have also appeared, as well as exclusive emotions and animations.

In addition to other features, the developers have made significant improvements to the balance of weapons and characters, aimed at improving the quality of the gameplay. A complete list of changes and innovations brought with Patch 4.07 can be found on the official Brawlhalla Steam page.