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Camelot Unchained Review

By BwwDtt | 11 May 2020
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Camelot Unchained is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by City State Entertainment.

  • Dynamic large-scale Battles
  • Rich and interesting lore
  • Player-driven Economy
  • Immersive World

Camelot Unchained Gameplay

The events of Camelot Unchained happen in the shattered world which veil was pierced many years ago, and that led to the disappearance of the border between the game world and another more magical world beyond. Through that puncture came the dragons and The Emissaries. The pierced veil itself caused veilstorms that split across the earth and changed everything on its path. New races and abominations were forged out of usual living things, and some of them became stronger while others suffered the transformation into monsters.

The Emissaries rewarded the people with immortality to repopulate the world after the shattering, and they gave three swords to three brothers who became leaders of new factions. The magical power of the artefacts reshaped the brothers to become something more of what they were inside. The Sigurd, Arthur and Nuada created three dominant realms in the world; their names are Vikings, Arthurians and Tuatha De Danann. Once the peaceful capital named One True City has fallen, and now representatives of the realms fight to rebuild it in their image and rule the unified kingdom.

At the beginning of their experience in Camelot Unchained players can choose one of three realms:

Arthurians represent noble and honest warriors, and they believe that pureness of spirit and virtue may help them in their conquest.
Tuatha De Danann is the realm of beings that prefer unity with nature. They use forests and natural power to protect themselves and save the universe.
Vikings follow the path of blood and conquest. In tall snowed mountain peaks, they forge their homes, weaponry and wait for the moment to unleash their power against the whole world.

Each realm grants the players a choice of various races and classes, which are unique to the faction. The only real creatures among all factions are humans, and all other races have unique concepts, such as Frost giants, Stone golems, Spirits, Valkyries and many more.

Camelot Unchained features massive realm-versus-realm battles with up to a thousand players on a single battlefield. Players from different factions can join the fight in the open world to receive various rewards and experience. The sophisticated class system allows you to experience unique combinations of races and classes, therefore making every battle unique and challenging.

The combat system in the game allows you to use custom abilities and items. Players may combine different elements to create unique skills, and additional skill trees let them customize it even further. Various combinations of abilities can interact with each other and the surroundings to create obstacles and damaging missiles. For example, a fireball may meet with a frost bolt in the air, creating a cloud of hot steam that causes damage.

The world of Camelot Unchained contains an infinite number of dangerous creatures and monsters. Players may engage in the fights with them to gain experience and loot. Harder enemies only can be built by groups of players, and some bosses reward gamers with high-quality loot and resources.

Camelot Unchained provides a unique opportunity for the players to experience massive player-versus-player battles with more than a thousand participants. Wide variety of races and classes brings a lot of flexibility to the gameplay to satisfy the need of both casual and hardcore players.