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Castlot Review

By BwwDtt | 20 March 2020
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Castlot is a multiplayer fantasy strategy with RPG elements.

  • High-quality soundtrack
  • Well-drawn character models
  • Excellent detalization of the world
  • Sophisticated combat system

Castlot Gameplay

Castlot begins with the introduction into the gameplay and observing tour through the kingdom, which you will have to build and develop. In the initial stages of the game, you'll be motivated to improve your territory with different quests. The missions are necessary to complete because they introduce players into the basic mechanics of Castlot and provide a list of goals needed for an early entry into the late-game stage.

The main activity at the start is the construction of the starting buildings that produce income and resources. It's vital to collect the raw materials accumulated in buildings after a particular time. The higher the level of the structure, the more resources can be obtained from it. In addition to the available units of specific resources, a population indicator will also be an essential part of the gameplay. The welfare of the kingdom depends on the level and the number of economic and military constructions.

Besides, the number of citizens is a crucial element in the creation of military units too. Without a massive influx of population, there will be no possibility for level development nor of increasing the number of production facilities. During the game, you will face the necessity to build cottages that attract foreigners into the kingdom to ensure good population growth. Another essential element in the raising of the population will be the overall attractiveness of the country. To improve it, you need to exalt the environment by building various architectural monuments and other elements of decor.

The gameplay in Castlot is divided into two parts: improvement of the territories and development of the main character. These two processes have radically different by gameplay mechanics, but both are necessary for the balanced growth of the kingdom.

By the way, it's necessary to note the combat system. The battles are conducted in a step-by-step mode at various locations, whether it is a combat arena or an open area. During your turn, you will have to choose the necessary spells and orders for the subordinate units. The success depends on the characteristics of the fighters — agility, intelligence, stamina, strength, and equipment. Castlot has several combat modes; each of them is designed to receive a specific type of rewards: resources, artefacts, equipment and new lands. Victory in the battle will depend not only on the level of the player's heroes but also on tactics with qualified orders.

Castlot is a multiplayer game, so there will be a need to create social connections with other users. On the global map, the player will be able to enter the alliances with other people, as well as declare war on someone. Also, the game has a clan system.

In addition to turn-based battles, Castlot has global campaigns with a top-down view. The success of the fight, in this case, will depend on the size of your army and chosen troops. In total, there are four types of soldiers in the game: pikemen, archers, cavalry and magicians.

Since the game is free-to-play, it has a cash shop where you can buy items for real money. They do not introduce imbalance into the game, but they much help to save time when pumping the kingdom and heroes.

Castlot is an excellent choice for all lovers of calm and measured strategic gameplay combined with RPG elements. The game will also appeal to fans projects such as Battle for the Throne.