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Chronicles of Elyria Review

By BwwDtt | 20 April 2020
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Chronicles of Elyria is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG in a medieval fantasy setting.

  • Completely destructible environment
  • Implemented character ageing process
  • Classless system of character development
  • Dynamic weather system

Chronicles of Elyria Gameplay

The adventure in the game world begins with the creation of a character. The developers have implemented an excellent editor which allows creating a unique look. Users can customize everything: gender, the shape of the body and facial features, height and figure of the character, skin colour, hair and much more.

The emphasis of Chronicles of Elyria is on realism in all its manifestations. As the owner of the village, the player will be able to control the NPCs. However, due to individual patterns of behaviour, not everyone will want to obey. Also, NPC's quest system is not prescripted.

Realism also applies to the model of the behaviour of weapons; it works individually for each type. For example, the physics of arrows are affected by weather conditions. The stats of the character are necessary too because they cause a difference in the effectiveness of use.

The system of development and levelling of skills is designed in the form of discoveries made by the player. The knowledge passively influences on the process of gathering and production. Since the beginning players can start crafting, which is also depends on their characteristics. For example, there is a chance of a craft failure; in this case, players can not only lose resources, but also get injured, burn the house, or even die.

The Chronicles of Elyria encourages players to interact with each other; the developers have implemented a reputation system. Depending on it, other players and NPC's will treat you differently. If the player's fame approaches a negative mark, other users will have an opportunity to create a contract to capture or kill the criminal.

The guild system allows you to unite in one large clan, and then arrange a real large-scale war on the server. It's worth noting the surrounding world of the Chronicles of Elyria: flora and fauna are highly detailed. Thanks to this, players have more different activities, such as hunting, fishing, collecting plants, etc. Besides, the world divides into biomes - each of them is unique in its way.

Chronicles of Elyria offers to try the talents in building and design. The game features a unique in-game 3D-modeling environment system which allows designing a house of any shape and size. However, the external environment will impose some restrictions on the architectural style. You will also have to consider many factors, such as physical exertion, thermal insulation, waterproofing, etc. In the Chronicles of Elyria, there are no specific types of buildings, such as the Forge, or the Hotel, the purpose of each particular room/area of ​​the house dictates by the professional equipment or furniture installed in it.

In this game, the level and the equipment are not significant. The main things are the character's skills, age, speed and strategy. PvP requires your hero to have good dodge, parry, and stamina stats.