Chronicles of Elyria development will be continued

Chronicles of Elyria Gameplay Screenshot

Authors of Chronicles of Elyria decided to continue the development of their MMORPG. After a long pause, they started to communicate with the players and return to work on the game. Soon, they will open the forums and access to the alpha version again. Soulbound Studios also promises to explain all events to the community and keep interaction with them.

The development of Chronicles of Elyria was shut down back in March. The creators of the game only posed a letter which said about the lack of funding which caused them to close the project. When the investors began to sue the studio for a refund, Soulbound Studios decided to the search for investors again and continue development "as a hobby".

At this moment, it's not clear if Soulbound Studios are really planning to continue the development, or they're just trying to escape from their obligation. The players pledged more than 1,350,000$ for the development of Chronicles of Elyria, but the game looked quite raw when developers decided to drop it.