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Clash‌ ‌of‌ ‌Avatars‌ Review

By BwwDtt | 21 April 2020
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Clash of Avatars is a browser-based MMORPG developed and published by AMZGame.

  • Over sixty unlockable Avatars
  • Automatic combat and gameplay
  • Different PvP modes and Arena
  • Dungeons and Raid bosses

Clash of Avatars Gameplay

Clash of Avatar features modern 3D graphics in an anime-themed setting, where all the characters have unique models and different gear. Various skills have different 3D animations, and its stylistics perfectly fit into the game universe. The in-game interface is simple to understand, and it shows the players energy and health bars in the top-left corner along with the available abilities at the bottom of the screen.

Automatic Gameplay feature is the primary tool for grinding and developing your character. It allows you to leave the game opened and multitask while the character is being controlled by the AI and travels around the map to farm and to complete quests. Using this tool does not reduce drop or experience gain rates, and the game highly rewards the players for using it with the additional experience and loot.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose one from three unique playable classes:

Warrior specializes in physical combat and powerful melee attacks to crush the enemies.
Mage uses destructive magic and can deal truly devastative amount of damage.
Priest focuses on light magic, which allows this class to support and heal the allies to outlast the opponents.

All of the options have a selection between two genders, and the class choice does not limit further customization. Players can obtain different avatars to change the appearance of the characters, and each avatar also boosts different attributes and abilities to increase the power level even further. Various equipment pieces often grant unique class bonuses to the hero, and you can discover how to obtain them by completing quests and fighting against rare creatures. There is also the standard category of the in-game gear, and everyone can collect and use it. Moreover, you can purchase enchantments which can be applied for a stats boost.

Player-versus-player in Clash of Avatars features two separated game modes. The first one is Arena, where players can select an opponent manually or randomly. The fights are quick and dynamic, and it does not require much time to climb the ladder. The second player-versus-player mode is the daily event, and it's an instanced version of Capture the Flag. All the players are offered to join when it begins, and if you do, the game teleports you and automatically selects a team.

Player-versus-environment part of Clash of Avatars offers opportunities to grind and face powerful monsters. You can complete daily quests to slain many creatures, or fight with regular event bosses which lairs are accessible for everyone. The dangerous World Bosses are always there for organized groups of players. Some instanced game modes also offer various challenges, for example, in Corridor Defence you will have to fight through armies of monsters in the tunnel to reach the exit.

Clash of Avatars is a diverse browser-based MMORPG that fits both hardcore and casual gamers. It allows developing your character even without you playing the game. However, high-end raiding and top PvP players have to continually practice and face the most powerful opponents the game offers, and it is genuinely challenging to stay the best.