Closed beta-testing of the survival shooter Scavengers has started

Scavengers Closed Aplha Testing The Game Awards Trailer December 2020

During the online game show The Game Awards 2020, Midwinter Entertainment announced the launch of the closed beta testing of the third-person survival shooter Scavengers. This stage will last until December 22, but only under NDA. It means that participants are not allowed to share screenshots and gameplay videos, as well as to write reviews and stream the gameplay.

Participants of the previous playtests and 50,000 new invitees will be able to play the beta. If you have not applied yet, you can still do it on the official website. A new gameplay trailer was shown at The Game Awards 2020 below.

Scavengers is a cooperative third-person shooter in a Sci-Fi setting developed by Midwinter Entertainment. After entering the world players divided into teams must search for sustenance, weapons and perform various tasks, like hunting animals, collecting bonuses from NPCs or killing other players. Each group has its exclusive quest, although they can all attack each other or work together to achieve a goal. Everything that happens is divided into three phases: gathering resources, completing the task and defending the loot. The duration of the match is 30-45 minutes.