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Corepunk Review

By BwwDtt | 29 March 2020
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Corepunk is an MMORPG developed by Artificial Core.

  • Combination of Steampunk and Fantasy
  • Seamless open world
  • Fog-of-war for tactical battles
  • Variety of playstyles

Corepunk Gameplay

Corepunk is set in an original universe where four entirely separate cultures merge: cyberpunk, dark fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. This unusual mix creates a sharp contrast in the environments that you explore and offers a lot of unique sights.

The diversity of classes allows you to pick various characters, such as an orc, a paladin, a bomber girl and many others. Initially, heroes do not have an assigned class archetype, but each one has a slight inclination towards a playstyle. All traditional MMORPG roles are there as well, which means that it is possible to play as a tank, support, healer or damage dealer.

The game also allows activities such as world exploration, trading and player-versus-player content. A fog-of-war provides an unusual twist to the combat, especially against other players. You can perform a surprise attack and ambush the target, or use another way to get an advantage of these mechanics.

Players can increase the movement speed of their heroes by purchasing mounts or by tweaking their stats and picking abilities that affect it. There are multiple methods to explore the vast world of Corepunk, such as public transportation and magical portals.

The gathering takes a significant amount of your time Corepunk because it provides a wide variety of resources around the world. It can be used in multiple professions to craft and for trading. For example, if players need wood, they can obtain it on a public logging yard. If you prefer mining, you need to travel to a deserted cave or a mining camp, where you can find different types of ores, crystals and gems to use in various ways. Public farms feature Farming as a profession, which allows you to gather vegetables and use them instead of healing potions, or study Alchemy.

Recipes and progression in one’s profession unlock various ways of crafting. It allows players to create primary artefacts, and the recipe rarity affects the rarity of the created item. For example, it can affect potions quality and the number of bonuses provided. You do not have to level up a specific character to be able to learn it, in Corepunk, any hero can study professions.

However, that aspect of the game is not only about creating something. There are social professions available, such as Hitman or Sheriff. In the first case, you have to locate and eliminate your target indicated in a specific contract. In the second case, you can find criminals around the area and catch them. It involves both ai-controlled creatures and real players because they might have negative karma, which means that they did something illegal.

The karma system is there to protect you from player-versus-player abuse. There is a threshold, and upon reaching it, you become a criminal. You accumulate points by killing other players, and if you kill a low-level character, it will instantly get you enough points to reach the criminal level. The game uses colour to define the relationship between players. White is for low-level characters, green is for friends, red is for hostiles, and yellow is for neutral heroes, which you can’t attack unless you have PvP mode enabled.

The developers do not restrict players from doing anything; instead, they provide inevitable consequences to punish them. Corepunk fits both casual and hardcore gamers because the game offers absolute freedom, massive seamless open world and many different ways to level their characters. There is something for everyone.