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Crimson Desert Review

By BwwDtt | 29 March 2020
Average: 8.3 (4 votes)

Crimson Desert is an MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss.

  • Build your army of mercenaries
  • Vast open-world
  • Massive PvP battles
  • Full cross-platform multiplayer

Crimson Desert Gameplay

Crimson Desert offers a single-player campaign with cooperative mode available. In this game, you involve into the adventures of a mercenary named Macduff, and there is a story which will finally lead you into the open world with player-versus-player battles, dungeons, bosses and other features of the game.

This game is a prequel of Black Desert, which was developed and published by Pearl Abyss as well, but the connection between them is subtle. New characters, religions, landscapes and missions wait for you in this saga, similar and different at the same time from its sequel. The name of this world is Powell; it contains three different regions. The storyline tells about the war between mercenaries and monarchy leaders so that payers can command their troops, cooperate and participate in colossal battles.

Graphics in Crimson Desert are unique in many ways: the developers paid a lot of attention to character’s models, and buildings, monsters and other environments do not fall behind. The game is greatly optimized on lower settings and runs well on most devices.

The combat system is fast-paced and kinetic, encouraging offence and mobility. Attacks and blocking are all mapped to single buttons, and you can double-tap movement keys to dodge. Players should choose their fighting style according to the enemy they are facing.

PvP is everywhere in the open-world of Crimson Desert, and everyone can attack anyone else in any location excluding large towns. If you kill another player, you accumulate negative karma, which might restrict you from accessing the main cities and quest hubs. Instanced Arenas are for the combatants who want to freely meet up and train with friends or other random participants. Battlefields allow two teams to fight each other to earn rewards; Team Battle is a mode for two groups of players, whose mission is to fight until one of the sides eliminates the other.

Large scale PvP events include massive battles in the outside world, sieges or other similar activities that involve a significant number of people. Siege mode features a castle, which must be protected from invaders to win in this game mode.

Pearl Abyss put a lot of effort into player-versus-environment content in Crimson Desert and created diverse enemies for its players. It is possible to randomly encounter a deadly dragon in a field, a massive troll in a cave or a mutant, which jumps around the city and breaks everything on its way. Players should cooperate to bring down such monsters; however, there are a lot of manageable enemies and other opportunities for solo gamers to experience PvE.

The beginning of the game brings new players to the extremely in-depth character creator, which allows to freely sculpt any detail of the face or any other body part. There are a lot of choices you must make, such as selecting from a variety of eyes and lenses, tattoos and all the others. There is a feature that offers you to upload your character to the Beauty Album, which anyone can access to download and use other player’s creations and recommend it to their friends.

Crimson Desert is a complex game that fits both PvP and PvE lovers. Detailed customization allows players to create anything they want with their characters, and a vast and beautiful world is there to explore.