Crossout received an Amusement Park update

Amusement Park Update Crossout

Targem Games has released an update 0.12.00 'Amusement Park' for post-apocalyptic MMO game Crossout which implemented an opportunity to build a polygon. After you've reached the 12th level of reputation with the "Mechanics" fraction, you will be able to equip a training ground and assess the performance of your armoured vehicle in a test drive. The players are also allowed to invite friends to the range.

The upgrade has launched the 'Amusement Park' event, which will provide many unique facilities for the construction of the range, three new parts for the vehicle and much more. It is necessary to complete the challenges from a battle pass to access the new building, which includes 75 award-winning levels. Also, the release of an update improved the balance, added the new details and much more.