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Crystal Saga Review

By BwwDtt | 12 November 2019
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Crystal Saga is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG in fantasy style, developed by R2Games.

  • Wide customization of characters
  • Five different classes to play
  • Unique battle wings for every player
  • Simple quests and interesting plot

Crystal Saga Gameplay

Crystal Saga is a fantasy MMO game. It has character customization, where the player can pick an appearance of your hero, a class and a name. There are five male and five female characters with different looks.

The Crystal Saga has an auto path option that allows players to find the destination point of the quest automatically. In most cases, to complete the tasks, you need to deliver an item from NPC to NPC or to kill a certain number of enemies. Most quests are very straightforward and easy.

The game has a plurality of different PvE and PvP dungeons. All of them varies at difficulty — the number of enters limited for some of them. There are the Training Dungeon, where you can fight against the waves of monstrous creatures; Seed of Life, where your goal is to support the growth of some strange creatures and protect them; and the Redemption mode, where you need to protect the city from the undead and monsters.

There are also some additional activities, such as Plunder, Escort, Delivery and Blessed bath. These events are limited per time and require a certain level to enter.

In this game, you can tame pets and ride mounts. You will have your first pet at level ten, and the first mount will be available at the fifteenth level. There are an immense variety of tamable monsters and mounts, and the unique NPC will teach you how to catch your first pet. You can train your pets and upgrade their skills. It is also possible to name a pet, increase their loyalty, and they will support you in battles and adsorb the part of the damage you take.

The choice of first pets in this game is quite peculiar: you can tame either a terrifying and dangerous bear, whose brothers you defeated just a few minutes before, or tame a real human - one of the archers that wander around the location. It is not a fun feature that can be found by chance: the game really offers you to tame a human.

In this game, you can also receive the battle wings. It boosts your stats and looks beautiful on your character. All of the wings are customizable; you can upgrade them and buy the new looks.

The Crystal Saga has lots of daily contests and events, exciting dungeons, challenging locations and immersive community. It's a good game for casual players who want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this game and take their time killing various monsters.

Crystal Saga Classes

The Crystal Saga has five character classes at the moment.

  • Knight — a melee defensive class of the close combat. Knights can wear heavy armour and use massive weapons. This class is an excellent tank so that if you pick a Knight role for your character, you can defend your allies from the enemy attacks.
  • Rogue — a sneaky stealth class. Rogues prefer close melee combat and ambush attacks. You have to be a master of hit-and-run strategy to play this class. Otherwise, all the charm of the gameplay for this role will be lost.
  • Priest — a healer class. The characters of this role know a lot of buffs and HP recovery spells, which allows them to support their companions during the battle successfully.
  • Ranger — a long-ranged class. The Rangers prefer to use bows and traps to be the fastest and most agile on the battlefield. This class can do both physical damage and magical.
  • Mage — a magic class. This class needs less effort to do more damage to enemies.